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RES wins Best Innovation Award – Software and Services at Scottish Green Energy Awards

by RES | dec 01, 2023 | Tid det tar att läsa: 2 min

RES scooped the prize for Best Innovation – Software and Services, sponsored by SLR at the prestigious Scottish Green Energy Awards.

In December 2022, the company acquired Anemo Analytics, an innovative technology and engineering company offering sophisticated wind turbine analytics solutions that enable improved monitoring and optimisation of assets. Bringing together industry experts, the team has diligently worked on developing solutions for wind and solar assets. These solutions provide customers with even more sophisticated diagnostics, more accurate decision-making processes, support for more predictive maintenance, and result in better Annual Energy Production, reducing asset downtime.

RES’ innovative software empowers owners and operators to make informed, data-driven decisions. Performance optimisation, enhanced safety measures, cost reduction, minimised downtime, and efficient mitigation of stoppages have become a reality. This remarkable leap in data accuracy and speed is a game-changer, enabling engineers and turbine technicians to operate in real time and make impactful adjustments.

To date, customers have benefitted from increased yield due to improved yaw strategies and optimisation of aerodynamic yield underperformance, leading to improved Annual Energy Production (AEP). Additionally, the alignment of turbine controller parameter settings and mitigation of yaw overload and sliding also improve AEP, as well as asset integrity. In one wind farm, each 1-degree common pitch correction led to a 0.8% AEP performance improvement. These are just a few examples, but all improvements essentially maximise the performance of assets.

Michael Johansen, Director of Customer Solutions (Anemo), said, “Winning this award is a testament to the synergy between industry experience, core wind turbine engineering knowledge, proprietary algorithms, physics-based data models, and machine learning methodologies. I’m really proud of every member of the team for their continued hard work in creating innovative technology that holds transformative potential for the entire renewable sector in ways that were previously deemed unattainable.”

RES was also shortlisted as a finalist for the Outstanding Service Award for its control centre services. Their state-of-the-art control room in Glasgow handles more than 10,000 calls per month, monitoring 4GW of capacity from over 250 renewable energy developments worldwide. Last year, the team took part in an industry-wide emergency exercise involving more than 30 organisations, with the outcomes helping to drive safety performance across the global industry. From finding novel ways to work using gaming programs to collaborate through implementing AI automation to improve asset performance, the team goes above and beyond to ensure projects continue to run safely.

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