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Statement on Preservation of Amenity in accordance with Schedule 9 of the Electricity Act 1989


A number of companies within the RES Group hold an electricity generation licence and have a duty under Schedule 9 of The Electricity Act 1989 to have regard to the preservation of amenity. The statement which follows explains how we will carry out the duties under the Order. This requires the relevant licence holder to take account of the effects the proposals would have on the natural beauty of the countryside, on any flora, fauna, buildings or objects of historical interest and sites and structures of archaeological interest. It is also required to take steps to mitigate the effects on amenity.

Statutory Requirements

The Electricity Act 1989 (as amended) places obligations on a licence holder or a person authorised by exemption to generate electricity to consider the preservation of amenity and fisheries (as applicable) under Schedule 9.

Environmental Assessment

An environmental assessment will be carried out in accordance with relevant legislation prior to developing any proposal for any underground or overhead line designed and installed by RES for RES projects.

Seek to minimise the impact of infrastructure

We will seek to minimise the effects of infrastructure on areas valued for their amenity. Where works are likely to have an adverse effect on amenity, we will carry out our activities in such a way as to reduce the impact of these activities to the practical minimum.

Audits and planning condition compliance

We will carry out health, safety and environmental audits in accordance with our company standard, and will continue to comply with planning conditions during the life time of the project.

Training and awareness

We will promote environmental awareness amongst staff through appropriate training and dissemination of information. We will also make contractors aware of the relevant parts of this statement.


We intend to review our Schedule 9 statement every five years or following major change to legislation or our business. Where appropriate we will consult with relevant stakeholders during the review process.