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With a focus on reliability and performance, our expert team ensures the seamless running of our customers assets, contributing to a sustainable and green energy landscape that powers progress without compromising the planet.

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Why RES?

Our people-first approach and decades of experience has led to the development of robust systems of work, ensuring your assets perform safely and reliably.

Solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether that’s long-term support or standalone services for individual projects.

Exemplary health and safety performance

A secure work environment that puts people first, delivering best-in-class health and safety performance.

24/7 support

Our operational control centre is always accessible, giving you continuous support.

Decades of experience

Building and delivering innovative and tailor-made solutions that work for you.

Comprehensive service

Our skilled engineers go beyond just boots on the ground, focusing on delivering competitive and comprehensive services to boost revenue and decrease costs.


Biomass harnesses power through various processes that involve converting organic materials like plants, trees and waste into usable energy. Used for heating, electricity generation, and transport fuels, it offers a renewable and versatile energy solution. With our broad range of experience, our operations and maintenance service optimises the efficiency and performance of utility scale biomass power plants. 


Hydroelectric power harnesses the energy of flowing or falling water to generate electricity. This is achieved by converting the gravitational potential or kinetic energy of a water source to produce power. Our highly skilled engineers and technical specialists provide first-class operations and maintenance support for hydropower plants, with the added value of our experience on Kaplan and Pelton Turbines. 

Our global reach

We’ve implemented clean energy projects in locations all over the world.

Our global reach

We’ve implemented clean energy projects in locations all over the world.


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A leap down under: Paul Peterson’s journey to Australia

A self-proclaimed adventurer, Paul Peterson isn’t afraid to explore the world and experience all life offers. Paul joined RES in July of 2021 as a Commercial Manager working with the U.S. team. Now, he lives in North Sydney supporting the Australian team on a variety of commercial projects. Highlights include…

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Tallawang Hybrid Renewable Project Acquired by Enel Green Power Australia

RES’ 1GW Tallawang solar-battery energy storage project, located in New South Wales has been acquired by Enel Green Power Australia (EGPA). Located in the New South Wales Government-designated Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ), the Tallawang hybrid project comprises of 500 MWac solar farm and 500 MW / 1000 MWh…

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Origin X RES joint venture awarded feasibility licence to Navigator North offshore wind project

Significant milestone reached for the Origin x RES joint venture with the Australian Government awarding a feasibility licence to the Navigator North project in Victoria’s Gippsland declared offshore wind area. The Navigator North project is strategically located approximately 34 km off the Southern Australian coast. Encompassing an area of 700…

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