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RiSE up for PRIDE

by RES | Jun 07, 2024 | Reading time: 6 min

RiSE up for PRIDE

Every year, companies across the world show up in recognition of Pride. But the reality is that our LGBTQ+ community expect more than a once-a-year acknowledgement. They want to drive real change, where change is needed.

UCLA research states that 1 in 3 LGBT employees have left a job due to a lack of LGBT inclusion in their workplace.

Our commitment to inclusion strives for a working environment where every one of our people feels they can pray, parent, partner, or participate without fear or uneasiness. To be their authentic selves and to thrive professionally and personally.

Our Affinity Networks, established in 2020, play a big part in shaping our culture and the experience of our people all year round. The networks are managed internally by a self-sustained structure of dedicated colleagues who volunteer their time. From a safe and engaging space for community conversation to driving forward culturally responsive policy to hosting events and raising awareness, the time, passion and commitment of our RiSE network members has driven incredible progress so far.

This June as we acknowledge and celebrate Pride, we spotlight the efforts of our RiSE network and the progress they have powered. Our team have shared more about feeling safe at work, driving change where it matters most, and what acknowledging Pride means to them.

Driving change and progress internally

The drive within RES to inspire and cultivate change transcends not just our environmental mission, but also the social responsibility we have to our people. The work of RiSE has impacted our colleagues, networks, regions and businesses. RiSE has a clear mission: to ensure LGBTQ+ employees are heard, respected, and accepted so that everyone at RES reaches their full potential. The network shines a light on the issues and campaigns that matter the most.

Since the establishment of the networks our progress includes:

  • New adoption policy available in some of our locations
  • Updates to our Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) policy to include domestic partners
  • Participation in Pride events across the US, Australia and Europe
  • Gender Affirmation policy, development of an allyship guide and pronouns education
  • Participation in the Human Rights Equality Index and Australian Workplace Equality Index
  • Educational sessions and ‘lunch and learn’ with external speakers from the LGBTQ+ community
  • The inclusion of single-use, gender-neutral bathrooms in several of our office locations

Thanks to the proactive efforts of RiSE with the support of the People and Culture team, we scored 75 out of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation’s 2023-2024 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). And this year, we are set to achieve a score of 90, a validation of the efforts from our team.

Pride in RES

The commitment to RiSE from not only the members but the wider organisation has made a lasting impact on the people of RES.

Steve remarked:


“My working life is enhanced knowing we are actively creating a culture of diversity and inclusion. I’ve learned a huge amount from the network that has improved my skills as a manager, a colleague, a friend and a parent.”

A safe space

This year, we introduced voluntary self-identifiers into our global employee engagement survey. This data provided valuable insights into the specific communities who form our RES team. The experience of our LGBTQ+ employees was overwhelmingly positive, outranking our company benchmark.
From day one, many people felt that RES was a place where they could be themselves.

Nicole commented:


“I had a much less anxiety-inducing onboarding than expected due to the visibility of rainbow lanyards, LGBT supportive training, and the existence of RiSE. After joining RiSE, I met many people I may not have otherwise and had a great time talking with other queer people within RES.”

From our attendance at Pride marches, rainbow flags visible in our office locations, and inclusive company policies, the conversation at RES has never been more open.

Sabrina shared:


I found a place in which I feel comfortable and secure about my decision of opening up about my sexuality with my colleagues, as well as forming part of a network that not only promotes but keeps improving ways of welcoming and embracing new and future coworkers.”

Coming out at work

Being out at work is important for many, yet less than half are out with all their colleagues according to the Deloitte Global 2023 LGBT+ Inclusion @ Work report

Coming out at work can be a deeply personal and transformative experience. It can be incredibly daunting, but a supportive working culture can open the doors to support, understanding, and acceptance. Our team have shared the impact of having visible LGBTQ+ commitments through the network and our inclusive policies.

Patrick shared:


“When I started at RES, I was relieved to hear about RiSE. The fact that such a group exists gave me comfort to come out at work without fear of negative consequences. Coming out at a new workplace can be a stressful experience. The visibility of RiSE helped ease some of the stress around the process.”

When asked, many shared that RES was the first place they felt truly comfortable to be their authentic selves at work.

Another member of the network commented:


“This is the first time in my working life I have felt supported and encouraged to be completely myself at work. My ‘gayness’ is a part of me that I don’t advertise, however, I do not shy away from being myself. RES’ culture affirms and supports my individuality.”

Symbolism matters, changing our logo for Pride

In a world where visibility and representation hold significance, changing our company logo to celebrate Pride Month becomes a powerful statement of solidarity and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

When we asked the network what changing the RES logo signified to them, many shared that it was more than simply social washing if real change is being implemented by the organisations who participate.


The action alone rings hollow if the company behind it is not doing meaningful work for our community. RES, on the other hand, is walking the walk.


Sabrina reflected that:


Now, working for RES and having experienced the culture, it represents a flagship for openness, for employees to feel comfortable with their workspace, to know that in this company there is room to share and be heard.

We are proud of the positive strides taken in the last few years. And yet, there is more to do as new generations enter the workplace, and the needs of our colleagues continue to evolve.

Ethan shared:


I’m proud when a member of the LGBTQ+ community reaches out to say how welcome they feel at RES. Many have come forward to say that this is the first company that they have ever been ‘out’ in the workplace. A couple of weeks ago a colleague shared ‘I’ve been here at RES for almost a year, the contrast of how RES supports our community is remarkable.’ This is why we do what we do.

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