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Our innovative digital products and solutions optimise the performance of renewable assets globally.

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Digital Products & Solutions

Whether it is enhancing safety, performance, minimising downtime, improving operational efficiency or enhancing data visibility to drive better decision making, our leading edge solutions will help you transform your renewable energy assets and unlock their full potential.


Discover the benefits our range of digital products and solutions can provide to your renewable energy projects - for individual assets or portfolio wide.

Enhanced decision making

Reduce operational costs

Minimise downtime

Mitigate stoppage

Optimise performance

Enhance safety

Discover some of our products and solutions

Anemo Live - Wind

Unlock the full potential of your operational data with our diagnostic services and performance optimisation tools for onshore and offshore wind and solar plants. Optimising energy production, lowering operational costs and managing grid compliancy.

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AeroUp - Wind

Improve the aerodynamics of your blades and increase the annual energy production on your turbine with AeroUp. RES will end to end package and deliver the most beneficial upgrades based on your ambitions and specific wind farm. We then deliver our bespoke digital TuneUp to further enhance energy uplift and ensure the entire potential of aerodynamic upgrades is achieved.

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Dynamic Yaw - Wind

Increase the yield of your wind farm by optimising the real time yaw on your turbines as a fleet rather than each turbine for itself. Turbines increase yield through advanced algorithms which leverage data from across the wind farm to better measure the real time wind direction at each turbine. Turbines work as a collective to steer upstream wakes around downstream turbines and net yield increases.

Inverter Optimisation - Solar

Maximise production of your solar inverters while mitigating overheating issues with our real time control system.

Latest digital resources

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AeroUp: Revitalising wind farm performance

Renewable deployment is continuing around the world, with the number of solar panels and wind turbines rapidly increasing. Last year, the EU built a record 17 GW of new wind energy. On top of this, in the first half of 2023, there was the highest number of turbines installed worldwide…

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Solar Farms 2.0: Robotic advancements promise multi-million dollar gains

By Andrew Oliver, Chief Technology Officer, RES By 2030, solar is poised to have the largest installed power capacity of any technology in the world. This incredible rise has been made possible by the sector’s unrelenting commitment to innovation which has driven down costs right across the project lifecycle. More…

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Anemo Analytics: unlocking the power of data to enhance wind farm performance

White Creek Wind Farm, which began commercial operation in 2007, is a 205MW wind farm in eastern Washington state consisting of 89 Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbines. Its sister site located nearby, Harvest Wind Farm, began operating in 2009 and produces 99MW from 43 Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbines. Together…

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