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Anemo - unlocking the power of your data

Optimising production, lowering operational costs and managing the grid compliancy of your wind and solar assets.

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Anemo Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your operational data with our remote diagnostic services and performance optimisation tools tailored for wind and solar plants.

You benefit from improved Annual Energy Production, reduced operational costs and lower asset downtime thanks to the speed and accuracy of data that can now be accessed in real-time.

Our Process

Our pragmatic end-to-end approach prioritizes both customer value creation and cost-efficiency when selecting analytics tools and methods for different customer applications.

1. Data Retrieval

Our engineering software tools for site data retrieval provide access to extended operational data across your assets without the need for any physical site access. A dedicated standard operating procedure is shared outlining and guiding the detailed data retrieval.

2. Analyse

Using our physics based analytical models and internal domain competences, we provide a full health check of assets, uncovering valuable insights helping to drive informed decision making.

3. Implement

We provide readily actionable performance improvements to be implemented by your service team or service provider. With our years of operational experience, we can support you to ensure that enhancements are seamlessly integrated, enhancing overall performance.

4. Validate & Monitor

We validate all implemented performance improvements and maintain continuous monitoring to identify any further enhancement opportunities.

5. Remote Diagnostics and Support

We will act as an extension to your team and continue to provide valuable insight into the data provided by our software and support to improve the performance of your assets.

Our products and solutions

Our suite of proprietary products and solutions are tailored specifically to optimise your wind and solar assets.


AnemoLive is our remote performance optimisation tool for wind parks. Installed on over 2000 onshore and offshore wind turbines worldwide, AnemoLive gives you access to high frequency turbine data to support improved predictive maintenance and more accurate decision-making processes boosting the output of your assets.


HelioLive provides in-depth insights helping you to make informed data driven decisions to improve the performance of your solar assets and lower operational costs. Providing readily actionable performance improvements through extended solar park data helps you mitigate performance issues and increase asset integrity and availability.


For wind parks still under warranty or service contract, our AnemoLITE solution will help you identify and prioritise improvements for discussion and implementation by your existing OEM service provider.

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