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INTERVIEW: RES’ apprenticeship programme pays off

by RES | Nov 08, 2020 | Reading time: 2 min

Since joining a decade ago Carmen Lepadatu has built her career at RES and is currently Project Communications Manager for France. Océane Lozano joined RES as an apprentice over three years ago and is now is Visual Communication Assistant, responsible for all visual communication produced by the our French team.

Here Carmen and Océane explain how they both came to work for the world’s largest renewables company and reveal what it’s like to work for RES in France.

Why did you choose RES?

Océane: “When I was looking for an apprenticeship programme, I came across an opportunity with RES, and that’s how I discovered the commitment and values of the company. Today I’m proud to have completed an apprenticeship at RES and I really want to contribute to the success of this company going forward.”

Carmen: “Océane had an interesting profile with skills that matched our needs perfectly. At RES we have always favoured internships and apprenticeships. I started as an intern myself when I arrived at RES in 2010 and was also hired at the end of my internship.”

What are your focuses within RES?

Océane: “My role at RES is focused on visual communication. I’m in charge of creating all the communication materials for our wind and solar projects. I also create visuals for our external and internal communications. In addition to this, I am also responsible for the management of our merchandising. My aim is to maintain the quality and integrity of the brand.”

– Carmen: “I am responsible for all communication dedicated to our wind and solar projects. I support the teams in the design and deployment of their consultation and communication strategies in the different territories where we develop projects.”

What is the strength of your partnership?

Océane: ” Carmen and I complement each other well. She is pragmatic, while I am more likely to be carried away by my creativity! Carmen is there to refocus my ideas, and I bring her a touch of originality when she needs to think out of the box.”

Carmen: “Océane has a good understanding of the needs of the different teams and she’s quick off the mark! Sometimes we work on a project and then reach a dead-end or run out of inspiration. I love it when Océane says to me in a very neutral tone, “Wait, I have an idea” and then she comes up with something simply brilliant!

What are your plans for the future?

Océane: “To continue and grow my career at RES on as a Visual Communication Assistant. The three years I’ve already spent at RES and my master’s degree in communication have been incredibly enjoyable so far, and I’m excited to continue on this professional path.”

Carmen: “Océane has made herself indispensable, she has gained in independence and she knows how to be a force for proposal and is a real asset to the whole communication team! My objective is to support her in her professional development at RES so that she can fully develop in her new role. »

Any advice?

Océane: “RES is a company that exudes empathy and respect for its employees. There is no better place to do an apprenticeship and it’s a great place to work! “

Carmen: “I evolved both professionally and personally with RES and I know how important it is to be supported and accompanied at the start of your professional career! RES facilitates this thanks to its values and corporate culture.”


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