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RES has a wealth of experience in solar development, construction, and operations

Our expertise

Our experience covers both utility-scale, centralized energy solar farms and distributed solutions, across the Americas and the EMEA region.

RES has the capabilities to develop, construct, operate, and optimize the operation of solar projects utilizing photovoltaic (PV) technology.

We can provide feasibility, detailed design, and project management through to construction, finance, ownership, asset sale or continued energy generation.

Assisting in either an advisory or project management role, we provide an extensive and tailored service for organizations looking to undertake a solar project of any scale.

1.5 GW in Development

1.5 GW

in development

430 MW

under construction

Solar operations and maintenance services

In-House service

RES is a full service company with in-house operational resources in engineering, development, and construction to improve engineering decisions, increase resolution speed, and assist in identifying operational issues:


For any identified issue, a strong team of design engineers are tasked with determining the operational issue, working with the manufacturer to identify a solution, confirming the efficiency of the proposed solution, and ensuring a quick implementation. RES also boasts expertise in electrical and civil design. RES operations team reviews all retrofit plans, crane lift procedures, and HV switching procedures proposed by O&M to ensure safe and effective operation.

Development and Construction

As a solar project moves from development through construction and into operations, effective communication between the three teams is a RES strong suit. Monthly reconciliation checks are performed with the development team using operational data to confirm initial design of the development project and to identify potential operational issues by comparing modelled production and efficiencies to observed data. The construction and operations teams work closely together to close out any remaining punch list items and quickly handle warranty claims.

Operations and Maintenance

Our solar O&M team provide competitive maintenance services designed to lower costs and minimize lost production, whilst improving future production.

We monitor projects 24/7 from our Control Centre, which provides essential supervision for work on remote sites.

European Solar O&M

Solar services

20 years of solar technology experience

Case studies

Webberville – Engineering overcomes challenges

Located in the U.S., the $250 million Webberville Solar facility is contracted to Austin Energy for 25 years, and is expected to generate enough energy to power 5,000 average homes annually.

One of the challenges presented by this project was the clay soil located in the northern part of the site. Clay expands and contracts dramatically as the moisture content changes, which in turn can work the tracker foundations out of the soil.

To counteract this, our engineering team determined the appropriate depth for the foundations by conducting extensive pull-out and lateral load deflection testing on sample foundations at various locations on the project site.

The logistics of the project were also significant. At one point, 66 Sea-Land containers containing 29,000 PV modules were received at the site over a nine-day period.

We successfully managed the scheduling, tracking, and sequencing the delivery of all the components, and the project was completed on schedule.

RES in the Americas

RES in the Americas

Creating enough energy annually to   power 5000 homes

5,000 homes

Lé Camazou – Supporting local industry

Situated in the south of France near Carcassonne, the "Lé Camazou" ground-mounted PV power plant is the second built by RES in France. With an installed capacity of 12 MW, it will provide sufficient green electricity for more than 3,000 homes. In an effort to support the emerging solar industry in France, RES purchased the 46,000 photovoltaic panels from the French manufacturer, SILLIA VL.

The plant was built in record time (4 months start to finish), thanks to RES’ very high level of expertise during the engineering phase and an excellent coordination with our industrial partners. In total, 37 different contractors (approximately 150 people) took part in the construction of the site and two-thirds were local or regional companies.

RES in France

3,000 homes

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