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Let RES optimise your renewable assets

We understand the importance and have the inhouse expertise to fully optimise your assets – maximising value and protecting revenue. As an established asset manager and O&M provider, we support over 12GW of renewable generation and energy storage projects for clients across the globe. Our experienced team support solar, storage, onshore and offshore wind, including offshore transmission assets.

We are at the forefront of the digital revolution, using AI and machine learning to find new ways to truly maximise the potential of renewable assets. Our client-focused approach improves generation through optimising performance and reducing downtime to increase net asset value in the longer term. With our state-of-the-art 24/7/365 days a year Control Centre you get peace of mind that your assets are being well cared for.


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Asset Management

Our team provides a complete and comprehensive service including remote site monitoring, planning of all maintenance work, budget forecasting, data management and transparent reporting of your asset’s operational performance.

We have extensive relationships with turbine suppliers, equipment manufacturers and service providers. Our independent position allows us to select the best technology or service provider to meet your requirements while leveraging RES’ market position to secure value for money.

With our global state-of-the-art 24/7/365 Control Centre - you get peace of mind that your solar, storage, onshore or offshore wind assets are in safe hands.







Operations & Maintenance

With over 40 years’ experience developing, constructing and operating renewable energy assets, we understand the challenges and motivations of stabilising and improving the long-term yield of onshore and offshore wind, solar and energy storage assets.

Our comprehensive O&M approach is unique to the market and will help you minimise cost and lost production, as well as help improve future production.

As an independent service provider, we focus on what matters to you - from delivering innovation to analysis, optimisation and condition monitoring services. We go beyond just boots on the ground.


Join the 1% club

An impartial review carried out by DNV found that RES’ innovative approach, combining real-world experience with cutting-edge predictive software, made assets at least 1% more efficient, by reducing
unplanned downtime and component failures and improving availability. When applied to a typical 40MW wind farm, 1% equates to an extra £1m in revenue over the project’s lifetime.

Keir Harman, Renewables Operations Director for DNV, said: “Our review and findings of RES’ portfolio are a sign of confidence for investors and an endorsement of RES being able to deliver a lower cost of energy for its customers.”

Our team can meet your needs

James Hill
UK and Irish assets: James Hill +44 7467 954 973
Catherine Fetherstonhaugh
Australian assets: Catherine Fetherstonhaugh +61 2 8440 7454
Cyril Pidoux
French assets: Cyril Pidoux +33 488 950 187
Stevan Vale
North American assets: Stevan Vale 415 539 8573
Jule Lamarre
Nordic assets: Jule Lamarre +46 31 339 5907
Cem Yumruktepe
Turkish assets: Cem Yumruktepe +90 212 240 6161
Philip Thiemann
German assets Philip Thiemann +49 (0) 7666 6189902
Corrine Barry
Offshore assets: Corrine Barry +44 1923 608 260

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