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Asset Management

We have delivered over 23GW of renewable energy capacity worldwide and support an operational asset portfolio of 12GW. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the energy industry allow us to deliver innovative and tailor-made solutions for your assets.

We utilise our extensive in-house engineering and technical expertise across a broad range of competencies to identify and manage technical and commercial challenges. We ensure legal and contractual compliance as well as maximise the financial performance of renewable assets to guarantee healthy investment yields. We also provide commercial and administrative support tailored to our clients’ individual requirements.

Using the latest advances in Industry 4.0, our client-focused approach optimises asset performance and reduces downtime to increase asset value.



RES really understands their operating assets and bring technical excellence to the table. They have been brave setting challenging targets publicly and achieving them and consistently deliver a strong performance with their technically proficient market-leading expertise in asset management.

Value Improvement Plans

We provide clients with a bespoke Value Improvement Plan (VIP) aimed at protecting and enhancing the value of our clients’ assets. This unique approach involves us working closely with clients to understand their main objectives and how they would like us to work with them.
We then proactively find ways to improve their projects efficiency and economics.
To date, some improvements for clients have included securing new PPAs, exploring new revenue streams, updating equipment and
negotiating new grid connection agreements.
By having close working relationships and taking this proactive personalised approach, we have generated millions in additional revenue for clients.

Control Centre

RES control centre

Our cutting-edge 24/7/365 operational Control Centre ensures that monitoring asset performance and maximising energy production remains at the forefront of our operations.

Regulatory compliance and governance lies at the heart of successful asset management with the control centre playing a central role to this.

Shared with a national TV broadcaster, the location of our Control Centre was chosen for the stability of its communications infrastructure.

Our highly experienced operators, drawn from the coastguard, major utilities and wind turbine maintenance backgrounds, ensure that any issues are identified, enabling a prompt reaction to ensure lost production is minimised.

As well as providing a broad range of enabling services to the asset management function, the Control Centre can also be utilised on a bespoke basis to provide standalone control services to the renewable industry.

Analysis and Optimisation

RES is unique in offering a complete operational data analysis and condition monitoring service, tailored to the needs of our clients. We have a highly skilled team of analysts and engineers who can provide owners and investors with a full understanding of the performance, compliance and health of renewable assets, as well as provide early detection of the onset of a failure and under-performance.

By using machine learning and creating algorithms to find specific component failures, combined with our 24/7/365 control centre, we can proactively schedule maintenance at the most opportune times and limit downtime.

We have developed our own custom-built technology agnostic software known as SMART to improve measuring and reporting. Developed in line with feedback from clients and following years of experience, this tool creates efficiencies enabling more time to be spent on problem solving and finding new ways to optimise assets.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

We support over 12GW of operational assets and understand the importance of optimising renewable assets, maximising value and protecting revenue for asset owners. Our client focused approach maximises generation through optimising asset performance and reducing downtime. A study by DNV, demonstrated assets managed by RES perform 1% better than industry standard, contributing even more renewable energy production.

We can provide ESG reporting on assets across a variety of activities, including: energy use, emissions data, habitat management, homes equivalent powered, displaced carbon, community benefits, and community outreach activities. Our work with communities on behalf of our clients ensures that they maximise the opportunities presented by their community funds. We have always been committed to engaging and supporting our communities, and in these difficult and challenging times, it is now more important than ever.

Download our 2021 Power for Good Report.

Our team can meet your needs

Andrew Johnstone
UK and Irish assets: Andrew Johnstone +44 7769 676 779
Catherine Fetherstonhaugh
Australian assets: Catherine Fetherstonhaugh +61 2 8440 7454
Cyril Pidoux
French assets: Cyril Pidoux +33 488 950 187
Bart Geleynse
North American assets: Bart Geleynse +1 438 266 1913
Britta Ersman
Nordics: Britta Ersman +46 31 339 5907
Philip Thiemann
German assets Philip Thiemann +49 (0) 7666 6189902
Corrine Barry
Offshore assets: Corrine Barry +44 1923 608 260

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