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Helping you make informed decisions and implementing them for you

Each project is unique and the decision to repower and/or life extend is highly project and / or market specific, driven by site constraints, legal and technical considerations and economics. Our team will work with you to consider the options available for your site and your market.

We will review the potential for repowering, assess whether it’s possible and cost-effective to life extend your existing project, and support the development of an appropriate end of life strategy for your project. More than that, we will implement it for you.

Deciding on your end-of-life strategy allows you to tailor your operational strategy to ensure that you get the most from your assets. Decisions on the value of component replacements or upgrades to benefit from technology advances can be taken.

RES has the following which enables us to fully manage your end of life strategy:

  • Over 40 years’ experience of developing, constructing and operating renewable projects
  • Experience of the full asset lifecycle from greenfield site through to operational site
  • Fully qualified and experienced planning team
  • Team of qualified chartered surveyors and land agents
  • Electrical engineering team
  • Grid team
  • Civil design team
  • Commercial and PPA teams
  • Experienced project managers, development and construction teams
  • Operational support for your assets

To find out more about our repowering and life extension services contact:

We can meet your needs

Karen Anne Hutton
UK and Irish assets: Karen Anne Hutton +44 1414 045 514

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