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Global leader in energy storage

We were one of the first to enter the battery storage market, driven by the potential of the technology to enable more renewables on the grid and create a smarter energy system. Since then we have established ourselves as one of the world’s leading energy storage technology integrators, according to global rankings

Whilst many providers are still growing their understanding, we have the real-world experience of delivering over 300MW of projects across nine electricity markets. We also offer behind-the-meter solutions for corporate and industrial clients looking to integrate storage with on-site solar and we develop ‘solar + storage’ solutions ourselves. 


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Our in-house expertise covers development, construction and operations, which means fewer contracts and more accountability. Our supply chain knowledge means we can recommend suppliers of components, including batteries and inverters, to ensure an optimised project that delivers the required services.

The RES energy storage offering includes our proprietary energy management system, RESolve. Developed in-house by RES experts, this state-of-the-art software has been integrated within every storage project we have delivered and its intelligent and versatile services are proven to maximise potential revenue streams for clients. The system is being constantly improved by the RES technical team, drawing on gigabytes of data every day from our global storage portfolio.  

Speak to us about partnering to deliver your storage project

We will tailor a solution that meets your needs whilst ensuring you benefit from the cost savings that come from a proven process, out of the box technology and plant, and industry-leading expertise.

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