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A track record in development

RES is a leader in the development of renewable energy and energy storage, with a track record of initiating projects from scratch. We have developed over 11GW of onshore and offshore wind, solar PV and energy storage projects worldwide.

Quality and innovation 

In addition to developing our own projects, we also offer this service to our clients. We develop projects to ensure maximum value and our experienced team is on hand to discuss any requirements you may have.

RES has also always been an innovator and we are currently at the forefront of developing hybrid ‘renewable + storage’ projects.

Our highly skilled people use cutting edge tools created in house, plus state-of-the-art meteorological and mapping studies to identify potential sites with the best natural resource and suitable grid connections.


Our approach to development involves building strong and early relationships with all stakeholders. We are consultative and transparent and we pride ourselves on getting to know the community to ensure local people benefit from the project, whether that’s through job creation, an injection of new business into the local economy, or enhancing the local infrastructure.


We know the importance of building strong relationships with landowners and farmers. We have a transparent approach  and a reputation for taking into account  landowners’ and farmers’ needs.

We are interested in speaking with landowners who believe their land may be suitable for renewable energy generation and who want to benefit from additional revenue that’s guaranteed for the lifetime of the project.


The RES business model includes selling development projects. We develop projects to ensure maximum value and our experienced team is on hand to discuss any requirements you may have.

Power Purchase Agreements

RES offers opportunities for commercial and industrial companies to purchase the power from our wind and solar farms. This can help mitigate price fluctuations in energy prices and meet sustainability targets.

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