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Construction is in our DNA

Our construction roots go back 150 years to our sister company, Sir Robert McAlpine, a leading UK family-owned construction and civil engineering firm. We leverage this history and our multinational construction expertise every day to ensure superior performance of all our projects.

RES offer construction services for all our technologies, whether you’re looking for an EPC, a Balance of Plant partner or construction manager. Our global experience of multiple markets means we know how to build subsidy-free renewable projects.

We are at the leading edge of utilising new technology trends and have gained considerable experience and have built some of the largest projects for a variety of clients. RES aims to achieve the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for every project by reducing Balance of Plant costs and providing value engineering for more efficient design, while maintaining long-term reliability. We are ready to share our knowledge and experience to provide you with a profitable and successful project.


  • Trusted EPC and Balance of Plant partner
  • Proven project delivery - safely, cost-effectively and on time
  • Constructed over 10% of all the megawatts installed in North America
  • Providing the full range of EPC services
  • Pre-construction and design to material procurement and construction



  • A decade of solar design and construction experience
  • Projects ranging from a few megawatts to over 200MW
  • Trusted self-performing solar EPC partner
  • Highest quality standards achieved
  • Straightforward to complex arrays including bi-facial panels



  • One of the top storage technology integrators as ranked by Navigant
  • Constructed over 300MW globally
  • Technology-agnostic, with experience and relationships with major component suppliers
  • Construction recommendations based site and client requirements

Transmission & Distribution

  • Building a safer and more reliable grid system
  • Broad range of experience across transmission and distribution
  • Offering a wide variety of services from new installations and substations to miles of transmission lines
  • Rapid emergency power restoration

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