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Our People

As you might expect from a family owned business, our people are at the heart of the company and are our biggest asset. They have helped us grow to become the world’s largest independent renewable energy company active across ten countries. You’ll find that RES people are passionate about achieving our company vision, ‘to create a future where everyone has access to affordable zero carbon energy’.

One of RES’ strengths is the diversity within our business. We celebrate difference and harness the benefits it delivers through alternative thinking and approach, leading to ingenuity, innovation and agility. Diversity and Inclusion is the platform for RES’ continued success and one that as a business, we are still developing.

Here's a flavour of just some of the 3,000 people who provide the power behind the good.

To ensure our people can find a happy work life balance, RES embraces flexible working wherever possible. Sometimes opportunities arise for our people to change career paths or work abroad. Here are just a few case studies:

Rob, Commercial Manager

Rob started working for RES in 2008 when he joined the finance team whilst studying to become a chartered management accountant. After qualifying, he was soon promoted to Finance Controller with a well-defined career path in finance in front of him. His role provided him with a lot of exposure to the commercial deals that RES was making, and he was naturally interested in this area. In March 2018 he stepped across into the Commercial Team and spends far more time in Microsoft Word reviewing contracts and far less time looking at spreadsheets. His new role involves optimising deals to ensure RES shares the value in commercial transactions

RES was very supportive of my career move, and rather than draw out the transition, they gave me a very clear date when my roles and responsibilities would switch. I’m constantly learning in my new role and I like to think that the skills and experience that I brought with me have enhanced my new team.

Julie, HR

Julie has worked in the HR team in France for 10 years. She started as full-time employee managing recruitment and training but when she had children, she wanted to address her work-life balance and applied to reduce her hours. RES was more than happy to approve this and Julie switched to working part-time. As well as using this time to support her seven- and nine-year-old children with their homework, Julie loves taking them to outdoor activities. Two and half years ago Julie became Head of her department and more recently was invited to join the French Executive Leadership Team.

I chose to reduce my hours to 90% because I still wanted to achieve my objectives but wanted to have daily contact with my team. What’s great is working at RES enables me to manage my family and my career.

Jeevan, Management Accountant

Jeevan from the Finance team found that flexible working allowed him to manage his time between studying and working when he went back to Birmingham to complete his final year at university. "This allows me to continually respond to any queries that may arise relating to my work, for both internal and external clients. I can still support other members of my team as well as complete my work in a timely manner. I definitely feel that I have a balance between home and work life."

Flexible working is perfect for me. I am able to set my working hours around the times of my university lectures and seminars. For example, I have lectures on Thursday mornings which finish at 1pm and then I work in the afternoon.

Jessica, Project Manager

"One of the things I love about the company is the chance to take on more responsibility and cross train. I’ve worked in the civil, electrical and safety departments, been an environmental and Quality Control supervisor and project engineer and am now Project Manager. I love the people I work with – they’ve become a second family. I know with any issue I face I can call on someone who’ll help me out. It’s this teamwork and strong connection with my co-workers that I really value."

I’d recently sold my business in Dayton, WA and was looking for my next challenge when I heard RES was constructing the Marengo wind project nearby. There was a vacancy for a turbine inspector, so I applied straight away, despite my lack of experience. Thankfully RES recognized my strong work ethic and gave me the opportunity. I’ve never looked back and soak up every bit of information I can.