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RES/Rix Alliance - delivering safe and scalable solutions to the offshore sector

RES was appointed by our client to provide O&M services to offshore transmission assets connecting a wind farm in the Irish Sea. At the time that we were appointed, OFTO services were new to the industry meaning that there was no standard specification for our client to work from. A reliable and experienced contractor was therefore needed to help.

RES has been involved in the development and construction of offshore wind projects since the sector began and as such has a deep understanding of the engineering, technical and operational challenges involved in offshore wind. Using our years of experience, we worked with our client to develop a “fully-wrapped” O&M service which included aspects such as preventative maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, reactive maintenance, logistics, subsea surveys and control centre services and more. This fully comprehensive service provides our client with efficiencies and streamlining because it minimises the interfaces that have to be managed. RES seamlessly manages the services within its scope minimising gaps and overlaps which in turn maximises asset availability and performance.

On this contract, we also use our control centre to monitor the site 24/7 and ensure that any alarms are flagged in order that our maintenance team can resolve the issue either remotely or onsite.

We appointed Rix Renewables to provide the offshore logistics and crew transfer vessels as well as crane maintenance, diesel generator maintenance and statutory inspections. We selected Rix due to their years of experience, skillsets and alignment with our company values. We now have a strategic alliance meaning that we can provide the most comprehensive service for OFTO clients in the industry.

Due to quality of service provided RES was subsequently appointed to deliver the same services to other OFTO assets owned by our client.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you please contact Corrine Barry, corrine.barry@res-group.com

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