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Project management, engineering and design services

In 2012, RES secured developments rights for the 496MW Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm off the coast of France. The project, which is located approximately 16km off the coast of Brittany, will consist of 62 turbines with a total height of 207 metres.

Working in partnership with Iberdrola Renewables throughout the development phase, we provided our expertise and know-how in offshore wind energy, our knowledge of the French market, private and institutional stakeholders, and our skills particularly adding value in legal, environmental and technical matters.

Our project management, engineering and design services included:

  • Project, engineering, construction & interface management;
  • Consents and stakeholder management;
  • Management of foundation design, certification, fabrication, transportation and installation;
  • Geophys, geotech and UXO survey management and geotech engineering; 
  • Cable pull in, management and routing design;
  • WTG engineering;
  • Electrical system design and grid connection;
  • Offshore substation package management; and
  • CAD and GIS.

Following the development phase, we sold our shares in the project to Iberdrola. Iberdrola now owns 100% of the capital and will ensure the execution of the operational phase. We will continue to work on the project as a service provider, continuing the collaboration. Once operational in 2023, the project will produce 1,820 GWh of electricity per year.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you please contact Corrine Barry, corrine.barry@res-group.com

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