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BoP Offshore Foundation Inspections & Maintenance

RES was appointed to provide a range of maintenance services for an offshore wind farm off the coast of North East England. For the past six years, services we provide have included:

  • inspection of all foundation elements
  • cathodic protection testing
  • anode inspection and replacement 
  • structural inspections and coating repairs
  • ROV inspections of foundation
  • ROV survey of HV cables and seabed scour
  • periodic collection of jacking point measurements
  • grout surveys
  • removal of excess water in foundation

One of the particular challenges at this site is the access requirements. With very deep confined spaces, heights and the risks involved in both, our client had to be sure that the contractor appointed to the works had the required H&S standards and training as well as the expertise. Our years of experience mean that we are experts at both working in confined spaces, working at height and conducting complex lifting operations during both. Our teams have undergone the best training in the industry. We also have a robust H&S Management System.

One of the main benefits for our client is the multiple scopes of work that our team is able to provide. There are few contractors that have the experience to carry out the required inspections, surveys and maintenance works within the confined spaces of the wind turbine foundations, as well as to carry the anode replacement works involving manual and indirect lifts of strings of anodes weighing around 100kg. The fact that our teams can deliver all of these aspects creates efficiencies and cost savings for our client. It also enables us to have flexibility when on-site.

Due to the quality of the works provided, we were reappointed by our client in 2019.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you please contact Corrine Barry, corrine.barry@res-group.com

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