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Investing in the Next Generation

We recognize the value of investing in the next generation and are excited to welcome our 2021 Americas Summer Interns! These 15 young workers are engaged, energized and bring a fresh perspective to our organization. We look forward to providing each with opportunities to learn real work skills and manage real work challenges in order to help them grow. At RES, we are committed to the personal and professional development of all our employees, including our valued interns.

Brandon Fields

Field Engineering Intern – Hickory Park Solar

“Renewable energy is the direction I want my career to go.”

Brandon Scott

Human Resources Intern – Culture and Talent Development

“I hope to learn more about the realm of Human Resources and acquire transferrable skills that I can use in every walk of life.”

Chandler Maizel

Human Resources Intern – Operations

“I value sustainability and was incredibly excited to work with a company that does too!”

Chuck Klapatauskas

Field Engineering Intern – Badger Hollow Solar

“RES displays a significant amount of respect and enjoyment for the work they do, which is very attractive.”

Declan Kramper

Engineering Intern – Hardin Solar

“I hope to improve on my problem solving skills and learn all there is to know about utility-scale solar projects.”

Eli Arnold

Technical Asset Management Intern – Operations/Support Services

“I am already learning so much about the industry and I am excited to learn more from my supervisor.”

Jameson Jackson

Field Engineer - Aragonne Wind

“I have a keen interest in renewable energy and want to learn about the nuances of the design and construction of a power plant.”

Joshua Zeien

Field Engineering Intern – Hickory Park Solar

“I’m excited to learn how a project this size is managed and looking at the engineering behind it. Basically, absorb the most knowledge I can while I am here.”

Juan Castillo

Field Engineering Intern - Oktaha Substation

“Driven by our vision to create a future where everyone has access to affordable zero carbon energy". I am all for it!”

Matthew Burson

Field Engineering Intern – Hardin Solar

"I was looking for a progressive company focused in the renewable field to promote a sustainable future that would enable me to travel."

Noah Sova

Field Engineering Intern – Galloway Solar

"Working directly on technologies to reduce carbon emissions makes RES a great place to work."

Pasquale Piccininni

T&D Intern - Traverse

“I’m getting to learn what to expect when I enter the job force after I graduate.”

Patrick Kawahara

T&D Intern – Maverick Wind

“I hope to learn the ins and outs of the construction industry and more about the renewable energy industry as a whole.”

Samar Rao

Marketing & Communications Intern

“I hope to pick up on the things they don’t teach you in business school.”

Sam Stage

Human Resources Intern – Cultural and Talent Development

“I’m passionate about workplace culture and leadership development, and I want to learn how they are scaled for a larger company.”

Thomas Nolan

Engineering Intern – Solar 

“I hope to learn how RES produces such large solar farms in a short amount of time.”

Zackary Olson

Human Resources Intern – Talent Acquisition

"I chose RES because I worked in the construction field, I’ve always wanted to be in Human Resources, and this fit right into what I was looking for."