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Together for our planet

RES’ vision is a future where everyone has access to affordable zero carbon energy.  COP26 provides a crucial moment for the world to set a credible course to achieve this future and prevent the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. Governments across the world need to send an unmistakeable signal of clean energy ambition and action at COP26 to accelerate the transition.

Earlier this year, RES joined forces with other leading wind power companies and associations to form the Global Wind Energy Coalition (GWEC).  As an industry we’re ready to help achieve the ambitious renewable targets needed.  The renewables industry has proven its ability to ramp up production exponentially, create millions of skilled sustainable jobs and catalyse large-scale infrastructure renewal and investment.

All the pathways to net zero require a significant increase in deployment of renewable energy – in particular onshore wind and solar.  Our industry can meet this challenge in collaboration with governments and other stakeholders.  Across all our markets, RES has increased its development portfolio spend - we currently have around 22GW under development across our key technologies of wind, solar and energy storage.

Bold ambition at COP26 requires bold policies to accelerate climate action and the clean energy transition to net zero. 

Eduardo Medina, CEO


Carbon pricing – reflecting the cost of externalities

In this article, Richard Russell, Group Commercial Director at RES, discusses why we support a robust carbon pricing across all sectors, reflecting the ethos of “polluter pays”. Carbon pricing (tax) should accurately account for the true cost of emissions and the subsequent cost of climate warming. We can see that current carbon pricing in the countries in which we operate is often inconsistent and does not align to a 2050 net zero target. 


Creating grids to match the ambition of COP26

Whilst there has been a lot of progress made in policy which finally recognises the importance of climate change, there is still the need to regulate for net zero and incentivise grid companies to create infrastructure that enables renewables, energy storage, electrification and Demand Side Management (DSM). The pace of change of grid needs to match the ambition of COP26. In this article, we’ve spoken to Patrick Smart, Energy Networks Director in the UK and Ireland and Jesse Boyd, Transmission Director in the US about the state of affairs in their regions.

Net Zero needs Green Hydrogen at scale, fast

On the path to reaching Net Zero by 2050, hydrogen can play a major role, complementing that of renewable electricity. It will be a solution in decarbonising several of the ‘hard to abate’ challenges in our energy and industrial systems.  Green hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of water using renewable electricity, can deliver on both carbon and cost. The roll-out must be kick-started now. Reaching scale early will deliver rewards in carbon reduction and economic growth. 

COP26 Energy Transition Hub

To coincide with COP26, RES is hosting the ‘Energy Transition Hub’ organised by RenewableUK and Energy UK. The Hub will be part of a programme of engaging panel events and group discussions covering the UK’s successful energy transition, and how lessons learned in the UK could support efforts across the world.

The Hub will be filmed and streamed live from our office and home of our global 24/7/365 Control Centre, which is situated on the top floor of the STV building across the river from the COP26 conference hall, so we will be broadcasting ‘live from COP26’.

The Future of Energy Podcast

In this two-part episode we are live from COP26 and trying to take the temperature of the climate conference.

COP26 President Alok Sharma has called for world leaders to come together for our planet, saying “Paris, promised, Glasgow, must deliver”. We wanted to ask some of those focused on delivering low carbon solutions what they wanted to see from COP26, and what positive action can be taken now to achieve a net zero future.

You can find all episodes here