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Our commitment to safety

Our vision ‘to create a future where everyone has access to affordable zero carbon energy’ inspires our company with a culture of care where we focus on the safety and well-being of our people as well as our planet. Achieving ‘market leading health and safety performance’ is a strategic priority for our business and everyone in it. Putting people above profit has always been the RES way and an experienced and global team of HSQE professionals strive to support the company leadership to ensure our people go home safe every day.

Understanding that culture has a key role to play in continuously improving safety attitudes and behaviours, RES people regularly participate in internal culture surveys, helping to optimise the work of the HSQE team and internal safety campaigns. Which creates involvement and ownership by all staff and a result that supports the development of our working methods and our culture.

Another regular calendar entry is RES’ Safety Focus Events, where everyone in the business puts their work on hold to explore a number of safety topics. Our 2022 event saw RES people demonstrating their passion and commitment to safety. There was some fantastic discussion and collaboration, people working together, sharing personal stories and photos plus pledging their individual commitments to safety. The RES ‘Don’t Risk It’ tips were also launched on the day.

Our people’s mental well-being is very important at RES and as such mental health first aiders and additional training has been completed to ensure we support one another.

Each region in which RES operates has its own full time HSQE leader, often supported by a team and collectively they interact as a global group to help ensure one consistent company-wide safety culture. Monitoring and reporting of any incident, near miss or potential hazard is coordinated centrally to ensure learnings can be applied with one trusted source of dissemination of information. Leaders and Managers lead by setting a positive safety example, confronting and proactively interrogating risks and hazards across multi-technologies and delivery phases.

We won the Health and Safety Team of the Year at the 2022 Safety and Health Excellence (SHE) Awards. Find out more here.