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RES Apprenticeship Program

Some career paths don’t follow a straight line.

RES Group Apprenticeship Program

Sometimes they follow the curve of the land. Sometimes they carve a path to connect two points. It’s not the path of least resistance, it’s the path less traveled. Being a Lineman isn’t a career path for everyone, but not everyone is you.

Join an elite group of highly skilled tradesmen.

Trade up

Becoming an apprentice is a step on the path to a challenging and rewarding career. Think you have what it takes? We’re looking for physically and mentally tough adventure seekers who have the commitment to step outside traditional thinking and choose a higher path.

As an apprentice, you’ll experience real-world scenarios and engage in classroom learning with veteran Journeymen. During the program, you’ll learn the tools of the trade to safely work on transmission and distribution lines or in a substation.

We currently offer Apprenticeships in each of the following four occupational paths:

  • Substation Technician
  • Distribution Technician
  • Transmission Technician
  • Journeyman Lineman (this program requires rotation through Transmission, Substation and Distribution Disciplines) ​

You’ll do a deep dive into all aspects of transmission, distribution and/or substation work, including:

  • Overhead/underground 
  • Maintenance/re-build
  • Live-line construction work

RES awarded Apprenticeship Ambassador Certification

We are proud to be among the initial 207 organizations chosen by the U.S. Department of Labor to serve as Apprenticeship Ambassadors. The Apprenticeship Ambassador Initiative brings together industry, labor, education, equity and workforce leaders to partner with the department’s Office of Apprenticeship to promote Registered Apprenticeships as a valuable workforce strategy in high-demand industries and expand opportunities for people historically underserved.

As an Apprenticeship Ambassador, we will be championing the promotion, expansion and diversification of Registered Apprenticeship and strengthening our nation’s workforce.

Are you Apprenticeship material?


RES’ Apprenticeship Program is designed to meet you where you are, whether you’re a high school grad or a seasoned veteran ready to earn your Journeyman designation. The only prerequisites are grit, commitment and a sense of adventure. 

We admit, getting into our Apprenticeship Program will take effort. Because the program is an investment in you, we like to be sure our candidates are serious about it, understand what it takes and are ready for the commitment. 

Each occupational program has its own expectation of OJT hours (On the Job Training) to complete, but you should expect a commitment of roughly four years for those coming in with no experience. Others with experience may be able to advance through certain aspects of the program.

We invest in you. You invest in your future.

This apprenticeship will put you to the test, but you’ll come out on the other side with skills that are in high demand and benefits that go beyond just getting a good paycheck.

If you’re willing to put in the work, the rewards are worth it: 

  • Paid training 
  • Career longevity and security 
  • Good money 
  • In-demand skillset 
  • Purpose-driven work 
  • Working outdoors 
  • Travel 

Set yourself apart. 

Our Apprenticeship is approved by the Department of Labor, and you’ll be certified once you complete your training. 

This is more than just a piece of paper. It means you’ve been tested, you’ve endured and you’ve proven yourself worthy of being a member of an elite team of highly skilled tradesmen. It puts you in a different league compared to others who have not had the structured training, and earned verifiable knowledge and skills. 

You have the power to build your future. Apply today.

The apprenticeship program is open only to RES employees, but any RES job title allows you to apply

Want to join our team? Visit our careers page by clicking “Apply now” below to see if we have an opening for you.  Search the word “Apprenticeship” to see openings specific to this program. 



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