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For over 30 years, RES has built up the in-house expertise to develop, construct, and operate onshore and offshore wind farms worldwide

Worldwide wind projects

We have been involved in researching renewable technologies since the 1980s, and we built our first wind farm in Cornwall, UK, in 1992. Within 10 years we had completed the largest wind farm in the world at the time, in Texas. Today, with one of the largest project portfolios in the industry and an asset management portfolio exceeding 2 GW, we continue to provide partnerships and services to the world's fastest growing energy sector.

While our projects are designed to optimize power generation at the most competitive prices, we also seek to maintain our reputation for providing a sensitive and consultative approach to the environment and communities.

Our experts are with you every step of the way

Our in-house skills and experience are extensive, from commercial and legal to technical and engineering expertise. RES can safely oversee projects from development through planning and financing phases, to construction and operation.

Over 5000 Wind Turbines

Over 5,000

RES - Large Portfolio

Cornwall, UK, 1992

>2 GW

Assets Managed

Over 20 years experience offshore

Offshore wind

RES has built its extensive in-house experience on participation in UK offshore rounds 1, 2, and 3, and in the development of projects throughout Europe and the United States. This experience and expertise is available to asset owners worldwide. 

Visit our Offshore website to find out more about our integrated services for asset management and maintenance services.

Over 5 GW

development expertise

News and Events


Today’s favourable weather conditions enabled the last rotor of Ararat Wind Farm’s 75 turbines to be installed by contractor Mammoet Wind. This week also saw the completion of the cable trenching and installa…

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Der internationale Projektentwickler für Erneuerbare Energien RES (Renewable Energy Systems) hat mit Southern Power, der Tochtergesellschaft des US-amerikanischen Energieunternehmens Southern Company, eine Entwicklungskooperation abgeschlossen. Die b…

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NTR has added a further 25MW to its onshore NTR Wind 1 Fund with the acquisition of Castlecraig Wind Farm in Northern Ireland, the third such acquisition of pre-construction wind assets by NTR from renewable energy developer RES.  Capital costs …

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