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With a focus on reliability and performance, our expert team ensures the seamless running of biomass operations, contributing to a sustainable and green energy landscape that powers progress without compromising the planet.

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What is biomass?

Biomass harnesses power through various processes that involve converting organic materials like plants, trees and waste into usable energy. Used for heating, electricity generation, and transport fuels, it offers a renewable and versatile energy solution.

Biomass holds the potential to enhance the diversity of energy sources and reduce carbon emissions.

Why RES?

With our broad range of experience, our operations and maintenance service ensures that sustainable biomass power plants are operating to their full potential, delivering more green energy. We’re committed to ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the plans that we manage.


Currently maintaining over 150MW of biomass worldwide.

Exemplary health and safety performance

A secure work environment that puts people first, delivering best-in-class health and safety performance.

Technical expertise

Highly skilled engineers and technical specialists provide first-class operations and maintenance support.

Comprehensive service

Our skilled engineers go beyond just boots on the ground, focusing on delivering competitive and comprehensive services to boost revenue and decrease costs.

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When safety is a family affair

“I had to hear second hand through my mom that, ‘Hey, this is what’s happened to your dad, and there’s a chance that he’s not going to make it through it,’” Bryce Hartman recalls about the day he almost lost his father. Bryce has spent the last 11 years at…

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Cybersecurity: keeping your assets safe

It is widely acknowledged that we are living in uncertain times due to global geopolitical events and an increasing number of cyber-attacks on business including power and renewable energy companies.  On 15 May 2024, Anne Keast-Butler, the Director of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters – UK) and Harry Coker, the White House’s National Cyber Director,…

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