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Our capabilities

For thirty five years, we have developed the in-house capabilities, which combined can create an affordable, low-carbon future


For the past 35 years, our expert engineers have established all the advanced skills necessary to support the development, construction, and operation of our global renewable energy projects.

Project engineering

We provide engineering expertise during the development phase, when our engineers assess site access for components and construction materials, including recommending upgrades to local roads. We’re also responsible for land use requirements and on-site infrastructure. Our engineers design the foundations for both onshore and offshore projects, and we do everything as cost effectively as possible, allowing for any developmental or environmental limitations.

Electrical engineering and grid code compliance

All our grid engineers are highly experienced with grid compliance in different markets around the world, and consider the complete system design – from turbine or panel through to grid connection. We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of grid connections and grid code compliance, and understand the vital part that securing grid capacity for projects plays during development. We also understand how all generators must comply with stringent grid codes. It’s essential for safe and efficient network operation. We’ve developed our own software to control and monitor projects effectively - RESolve.

Procurement and engineering

We’ve built up a wealth of experience specifying technology for our own projects. This is very useful for giving clients impartial specialist advice. It also means our engineers can work with wind turbine, solar panel and battery storage suppliers to prepare the technical specification and help manage design. We keep track of quality assurance to ensure equipment comes as specified, and evaluate and select the appropriate technology and continued reliability engineering to help manage risks over each project’s lifetime.

30 Years

35 years

experience engineering

energy projects


Generating, storing and transmitting energy efficiently over the lifetime of a project depends on the technical design expertise we apply to each site.

We’ve spent decades understanding, refining and creating models to predict wind farms’ long-term energy generation accurately. We know this reduces the financial risk and uncertainty on each project – and helps increase its value.

Our expert in-house resource assessment and data analysis teams have led the way in research that has helped revolutionize industry practices. They produce data on wind speed prediction, flow modelling, turbine wake effects and noise that we then use to optimize wind farm layouts and improve energy yield and profitability.

We also use site-specific predictions for climatic conditions and terrain variations, including vegetation, residential development and other turbines, to refine our data. We can even compare individual turbine types and their power curves, using in-house software to optimize wind farm layout. Providing deeper data analysis identifies performance trends that ensure maintenance is carried out to avoid costly failure.






We've built up invaluable experience in procurement over 30 years of delivering our own projects, establishing reliable processes to efficiently procure products and services.

We provide an end-to-end service for everything from procuring land acquisition through to equipment. We are technology agnostic  - not tied to a particular technology or manufacturer - so we remain impartial and source the best for your project. We also negotiate grid connection agreements and take care of all contracts for compliance and servicing a generating asset.

Using RES to deliver your project eliminates the need for multiple supplier contracts. This avoids duplication or omissions as well as offering better value.

Our procurement policy can be read here

End-to- end Service



Health, Safety, Quality, and Environment

HSQE teams have been established to ensure best practice is shared across the business. The management of health, safety, quality and the environment is key to the delivery of our sustainability principles.

We take responsibility for the safety of ourselves and other people. We are committed to a future where everybody goes home safe every day.

We achieve this through:

  • Safe Behaviour – each of us taking responsibility for the safety of everyone working for us
  • Safety Leadership – a commitment to the health, safety and well being of everyone affected by our work including our employees, contractors, clients, visitors and the general public
  • Environmental Management – minimizing the effects of our activities on the environment and integrating environmental concerns and objectives into business decisions
  • Quality Management – setting quality standards that reflect the needs of the business


Committed to the

health, safety and

well being of everyone