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About us

Redefining the way we think about energy



The world's largest independent renewable energy company with over 16 GW portfolio and the expertise to develop, engineer, construct, finance, and operate projects around the globe.
RES is active in a range of energy technologies including onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage and transmission and distribution.

#1: Our vision is to be a leader in the transition to a future where everyone has access to affordable zero carbon energy.

RES One Mission

One vision

#2: We operate in both the centralized energy market and the evolving distributed energy market around the world.

RES Two Markets

Two markets

#3: From a project team within Sir Robert McAlpine researching early wind turbine technologies in 1981, our global portfolio now exceeds 16 Gigawatts.

RES - Three Decades

Three decades

#4: Embedding our business, environment, reputation and social principles into our operations, products, and services is powering positive change.

RES - Sustainibility Principles

Four sustainability


We're the ideal partner for commercial and industrial clients, project developers, asset owners, and communities.


We've included some of our key milestones in this timeline and look forward to adding many more in the years ahead.

  • 1GW Corporate PPA Milestone

    Royal Caribbean signs PPA, taking RES' corporate PPA portfolio over 1GW.

  • Murra Warra Wind Farm

    Construction began on the Murra Warra Wind Farm in Australia, which, when fully constructed, will be one of the largest in the southern hemisphere.

  • 300MW Milestone for Energy Storage

    Broxburn Energy Storage energised, meaning RES' global storage portfolio reached 300MW.

  • Globally constructs 1.4 GW

    with the portfolio of developed and/or constructed increasing to over 13 GW, displacing 17 million tonnes of carbon each year.

  • Corporate PPA’s signed

    with companies including General Mills, Tels​tra, Puget Sound and General Motors.

  • Ararat starts generating

    Australia’s third largest wind farm has 75 turbines and a capacity of 240 MW.

  • Ranked #2 by Navigant

    for utility scale energy storage.

  • Google signs Power Purchase Agreement

    to power its data centres from the Bluestem wind farm developed and constructed by RES.

  • First UK energy storage project

    integrated with solar park in Somerset for Western Power Distribution.

  • Won 18.6 MW of solar projects

    in the third round of the French tender.

  • Built two energy storage projects

    totaling 39.6 MW (15.6 MWh) in Illinois, US.

  • Acquired System 3 Inc

    A speciality electrical contractor, to supplement our transmission works.

  • Executed Power Purchase Agreement

    with US electric utility for the RES-developed 149 MW Deerfield wind project.

  • Began building 120 MW Comanche solar project

    in Colorado, US, one of the largest solar facilities east of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Developed 240 MW wind farm

    in Ararat, Australia, third largest in the Southern hemisphere.

  • First 4 MW (2.6 MWh) energy storage project

    became operational in Ohio, US.

  • 5 wind projects in the US

    Developed and constructed totalling 810 MW.

  • 41 MW Alamo 1 solar project

    in Texas, US

  • Montana-Alberta tie-line Completed

    214-mile (345 km), 230 kV.

  • Energised 270 MW Lincs offshore wind farm

    having provided development, engineering, & construction services to Centrica for this project.

  • RESolve

    Developed RESolve energy management system.

  • 76 nautical miles offshore to Round 3 Hornsea met mast.

    First to provide met mast O&M services.

  • 500 MW offshore project

    St Brieuc development in Brittany, France

  • Built first feed-in-tariff solar project in Canada.

    10 MW Rutley solar project.

  • 30 MW solar project

    Constructed in Webberville, Texas, US.

  • 5 MW Puits Castan solar project

    Operation of first solar project in France.

  • Designed & built 94.5 MW

    Havsnäs wind project, the largest onshore wind project in Sweden at the time.

  • Pour la Cour Prize

    awarded to Dr. Ian Mays, RES CEO, by the European wind Energy Association.

  • Entered Turkish market

    Began development of wind and solar projects.

  • RES provided engineering support

    to develop and complete Centrica's 194 MW Lynn and Inner Dowsing.

  • Received Advocate Award

    at British Renewable Energy Awards.

  • Received awards for our advisory role

    in creating sustainable buildings by integrating renewable generation and energy saving technologies.

  • First Scandinavian wind farm

    10 MW Hornberget wind project.

  • Financed and constructed first US ownership asset

    60 MW Whirlwind wind project in Texas.

  • 95 MW wind farm

    Developed at Pampilhosa da Serra, Portugal.

  • Business Commitment to the Environment Award

    for redevelopment of RES headquarters, powered by renewable energy.

  • Australia & New Zealand

    Start development of renewable energy projects.

  • 90 MW Inner Dowsing and 270 MW Lincs

    Began development of both offshore wind projects on behalf of Centrica.

  • Completed 21 MW

    Wigton wind project in Jamaica.

  • Completed France's highest wind project

    On the Plateau Ardechois.

  • largest public-owned wind project in the US

    63.7 MW Nine Canyon wind project built.

  • Silver Medal Award

    by the Royal Academy of Engineering for Dr. Ian Mays, RES CEO for pioneering work in wind energy.

  • Commissioned 26 MW Altahullion wind project

    Largest wind project in Ireland.

  • 20.8 MW Souleilla-Corbières project

    Largest wind project in France.

  • Started construction

    13.2 MW Lendrum's Bridge and 26 MW Altahullion wind projects. RES & B9 Energy double N. Ireland's wind energy capacity.

  • Largest wind project in the world at the time

    278 MW King Mountain wind project in Texas.

  • First wind project in California

    60 MW Cameron Ridge wind project, developed & constructed.

  • 47 MW Pacific Crest wind project

    California, US. Constructed for a third-party firm.

  • First commercial 1 MW wind turbine

    Designed & built in the UK and installed in Slievenahanaghan, Co. Antrim.

  • First solar PV project

    Designed & installed in the UK.

  • First wind project

    Operational at Carland Cross in Cornwall.

  • Moved beyond designing turbine technology to developing UK wind projects.

  • A small team within Sir Robert McAlpine began innovative wind turbine engineering.