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Safeguard against future energy price rises, achieve your sustainability goals and create goodwill with employees and customers

About PPAs

Companies around the world are taking advantage by buying their power from renewable sources through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This is a contract covering a fixed term that guarantees you an agreed amount of electricity from renewable sources at an agreed price. Since 2015 over 21 gigawatts of PPAs have been signed worldwide by the most forward-thinking companies and RES is proud to have supported many of them.

How will a PPA benefit your company?

Financial – By fixing some, or all your annual electricity costs, you are protecting against future energy price rises. In an unstable global economy this can provide peace of mind against factors outside of your control. Plus, with renewable energy now providing the lowest-cost form of energy generation, RES will provide the most competitive costs in the market.

Sustainability – You can do well by doing good and PPAs are one of the fastest ways to achieve your sustainability goals. We can provide accurate information about the huge amount of carbon a PPA will offset and live data on the amount of power a renewable project is generating.

Company image – A PPA will ensure you receive the sustainability recognition you deserve plus stand out from competitors. Plus, your customers will feel good about using your products and services.

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AssetManagement EMEA Wind Solar Brochure
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AssetManagement EMEA Wind Solar Brochure
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Whatever your motives, RES has the experience to help you maximise the benefits of a PPA. As the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, we have a proven track record of delivering projects and are well respected by financial institutions in every country we operate. Read more about RES.

We have already supported the ambition of companies such as General Mills, Microsoft, Telstra, Coca Cola Amatil, General Motors and Google by signing over 1 gigawatt of power purchase agreements with them and others. As a global company, we have a worldwide portfolio of renewable projects constructed or in development. For those with a larger energy requirement, we can club together renewable projects which could help reduce the number of companies you’re contracting with.

Our global experience means we can help you easily navigate the complexity and time involved in understanding and agreeing a PPA contract and as a major player in the PPA market we can also offer you options. Choose the type of PPA, the renewable technology, the duration and the contracting structure.

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Types of PPA

One of the most common PPAs is a virtual PPA

Virtual PPAs

This is sometimes known as a structured PPA and involves supplying renewable energy into a grid system from the wind or solar farm, and your company drawing the power from the grid. You would agree a fixed price, and the power from the renewable energy source would be sold on the wholesale market. If this was sold at less than the fixed price, you would pay the difference, whereas if the price achieved on the wholesale market is higher than your fixed price, you would earn this addition surplus. Alongside this, you would continue to purchase your power requirements from your existing utility company, with regular reconciliations so that in the longer term, any energy price increases would be offset by the additional surplus generated from the sale of the renewable projects power.

Speak to our team and we’ll take you through the options and provide free and impartial advice dependent on your companies circumstances.

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