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Construction is built into our corporate DNA – RES is the sister company to Sir Robert McAlpine, a leading British, family owned, construction and civil engineering firm with 145 years' experience

Building successful energy projects

RES in-house engineering and construction teams work seamlessly to coordinate and create projects of the highest standard. We’re experts in renewable energy, transmission and energy storage construction, and our excellent in-house resources enable us to control and safely manage all aspects of onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, transmission and storage construction projects.

Depending on your needs, you can procure our construction services independently of our project development services. RES’ in-house engineering and design expertise provides enhanced coordination between disciplines, allowing us to quickly address any issues that arise on a project.


Our in-house self-performance capabilities

RES specializes in operating heavy equipment for building roads and crane pads, excavating foundations and backfilling, installing underground cabling and overhead lines – and erecting turbines, energy storage facilities and solar panel installations. This provides direct control over processes in the field and helps us maintain our impressive safety record. Plus, it supports our construction teams in further refining their reputation for providing high-quality, low-cost solutions for our clients.

We have the in-house capabilities to perform all costing, engineering, procurement, management, quality and environmental processes. Experienced suppliers and subcontractors supplement the requirements we don’t provide – essentially, handling manufacturing and supply.

Ensuring value for our clients

RES provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for renewable energy, storage and transmission projects. We have all the capabilities required to construct a successful project, and this translates into significant efficiencies and savings for our clients. The value we bring to the table includes:

Get in Touch

For construction services contact us in the relevant country or at our global headquarters.