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Rotational Training Program

Accelerate your professional career in renewable energy and gain exposure across one of the largest pure-play renewable energy companies!

If you’re interested in gaining broad-based, practical industry experience, the RES Rotational Training Program (RTP) will provide you with the tools and framework you need to succeed in a career within the renewable energy sector.

What is the RTP?

  • A two-year program of four rotations of six months each, across multiple business units.
  • Exposure to a variety of disciplines to enhance your knowledge of developing and constructing renewable energy projects.
  • Collaboration across RTP cohorts to build capability, sense of team, and deeper purpose in your work
  • Enhanced training opportunities to build real-world professional skills.
  • Exposure and mentorship from RES business unit leaders. 

Benefits Beyond 401K

RES has an outstanding set of benefits as you would expect from an industry leader, including: health care, 401k, life-insurance benefit, electric vehicle benefit, continuing education benefit, fitness benefit, public transportation benefit, and more. 

Through broader exposure throughout RES and the industry, RES RTP graduates will be better positioned to secure a spot within RES that better suits their talents. Once at RES, they can leverage the broad-based knowledge gained to accelerate their career in renewable energy.  

We are looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds and a track record of high performance. The RES RTP provides tangible experience in the development and construction of wind, solar, storage, and T&D projects.

Matthew Coates, Sr. Vice President, Commercial 


Are you a candidate for the RES RTP?

  • Are you committed to excellence and just starting or are early in your career?
  • Are you a generalist and systems level thinker who excel at communicating and collaborating in cross-functional teams?
  • Do you have experience in engineering, business, finance, economics, law, energy, or data science?
  • Are you passionate about our vision to create a future where everyone has access to affordable zero carbon energy?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are exactly who we are seeking to join our Rotational Training Program! Apply to be part of the 2023 cohort here: https://jobs.jobvite.com/resgroup/job/oG0imfw4

 If you are interested in more information on the RTP program, please fill in your contact information below.




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