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United States

RES has been developing, constructing, owning and/or operating renewable energy, transmission, and energy storage projects in the US since 1997

About us

We’ve been providing development, engineering, construction and operations services to the utility-scale wind, solar, transmission, energy storage  markets across the United States since 1997.

We've built over 1,000 miles of transmissions lines throughout the US and Canada.

RES employs more than 500 full-time professionals and have more than 8,000 MW of renewable energy projects installed or currently under construction in the US. These total an annual production of 25 terawatt hours, and can provide enough electricity for 2.3 million homes. They also prevent 17 million tons of CO2 emissions every year. In addition, we currently have more than 5,300 MW of projects at different stages of development.

Over 500


8,000 MW

energy portfolio

What we do

Our in-house expertise and skills, combined with over 15 years’ experience, means we can provide high-quality, centralized and distributed solutions, that are reliable, economical, and safe in every area, including costing, engineering, procurement, management, and quality and environmental processes. We also specialize in self-performing the construction essential to completing projects – such as building roads and crane pads, foundation excavating and backfilling, underground cabling, erecting overhead lines, and installing turbines and solar panels.

We are experts in third-party engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) and balance of plant/systems  (BOP/BOS) construction services for the renewable energy, transmission, and energy storage industries. We also develop and/or own and operate renewable energy and storage projects.


From inception

to generation

Landowners and communities

We involve the local community in all of our projects by hosting or participating in meetings and maintaining an open line of communication with a wide range of stakeholders. We do this through public meetings, information brochures, site visits, and direct contact with residents, municipalities, and other community leaders. And, where possible, we use local businesses and suppliers on our projects.

We are committed to creating and maintaining lasting relationships with the communities in which we work.

For the projects we work on, we ensure:

  • minimal disturbance to existing land activities
  • restoration of land at the end of a project
  • open communication

"We've had this land in our family for over 150 years. RES has done an outstanding job communicating with me." 

Brent Hackley, Keechi Wind Farm


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