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RES is the parent company of Nordisk Vindkraft – a leading wind power developer that operates in Sweden and Norway

About Us

Established in 2002, Nordisk Vindkraft is a leading wind power developer in Sweden and Norway. Operating as an independent business with full technical and financial support from family owned parent company, RES.

Nordisk Vindkraft have developed and built wind farms with an installed capacity of 400 MW. We employ dedicated staff at our head office in Gothenburg, and our offices in Östersund and Oslo.

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What we do

To address the challenges of energy security and climate change, our business focuses on the move from a reliance on fossil fuels to renewable energy.

We have the in-house engineering and commercial experience and capabilities to develop, constructasset manage and operate large scale wind farms. We include internationally recognized businesses, investment companies and banks among our partners.

400 MW


1500 MW

In development

Landowners and communities

We consider the whole life cycle of the wind farm, working with communities to reduce environmental impacts during construction, operation and de-commissioning. We provide benefits to the local area as part of our projects.

We have put together a practical guide book which describes how we develop our wind farms - throughout all steps of the process. The guide book describes (in Swedish) the competences and resources that are needed throughout the entire process of developing a wind farm, and how it is creating local growth through new job opportunities.

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Business leadership

Nordisk Vindkraft has been assigned by the Swedish Energy Agency to conduct research aiming at empowering the Swedish wind power industry to be more cost efficient and sustainable. The research has been part of the authorities' support to research, development and innovation within the energy industry.

The project consisted of extensive research on technical aspects like wind measurements at a high altitude, ice fall studies, construction of foundations in cold climate and connection possibilities to the national grid. It also measured the local socio-economic effects of wind power, illuminated health and safety aspects in development, construction and operation phases and presented project financing of large-scale wind farms.

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Asset Management – O&M Services

For over 30 years, NV as part of the RES group has developed, built and operated utility-scale renewable energy projects globally, for our own and our clients’ portfolios.

Our existing in-house engineering, technical and commercial expertise combined with a network of long-standing partners enable us to provide a broad range of asset management services tailored to your needs. 

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Members of Management

Matilda Afzelius  CEO

Kristina Lindström Spjuth CFO

Tomas Lindblad  Head of Construction and Generation

Magnus Mattsson  Commercial Manager


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