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RES has been developing, constructing, owning and/or operating renewable energy, transmission, and energy storage projects in Canada since 2003

About us

We have played a central role in the Canadian renewable energy, transmission development and energy storage markets since 2003. We’re well positioned to meet the needs and sensitivities of the communities around our projects – whether they’re from municipalities, First Nations, or government authorities. We also meet the strict domestic requirements in Quebec and Ontario, as well as First Nation expectations during project development and construction.

We have more than 750 MW (megawatts) of renewable energy installed or currently under construction in Canada. These utility-scale projects total an annual production of 2.6 terawatt hours – providing enough electricity for 240,000 homes and preventing 1.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. Examples include the first solar project under the Ontario FIT program, and Ontario’s largest wind farm, the 270 MW South Kent facility in the municipality of Chatham-Kent.

750 MW

Renewable Energy

2,6 TWh

annual production


homes powered

1.8 tonnes

of CO2 prevented

What we do

We offer the full range of centralized and distributed solutions, including: project development; electrical and civil engineering; construction finance; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and balance of plant/systems (BOP)/(BOS) construction; operation and maintenance services to wind, solar, transmission, energy storage, and demand-side management markets across Canada.

Our in-house expertise and skill, combined with over a decade of experience in the energy industry, allows us to provide high-quality services and projects. We understand our clients’ unique requirements, and meet them with reliable, economical, and safe projects.

Over a decade

of experience

Landowners and communities

Wind and solar projects offer significant economic opportunities for communities. As an integrated constructor and developer, we are uniquely well-positioned to meet the requirements and sensitivities of our projects’ host communities, whether they be ranchers, farmers, municipalities, governmental authorities, and others.

RES has been very good at communications through the whole process. It's our opportunity as landowners to capitalize on this, help the environment, and help the country. - Chris Gillard, Talbot Wind Farm

We involve the local community in all of our projects by hosting or participating in meetings and maintaining an open line of communication with a wide range of stakeholders. We do this through public meetings, information brochures, site visits, and direct contact with residents, municipalities, and other community leaders. And, where possible, we use local businesses and suppliers on our projects.

We are committed to creating and maintaining lasting relationships with the communities in which we work.

For the projects we work on, we ensure:

  • minimal disturbance to existing land activities
  • restoration of land at the end of a project
  • open communication

We work with First Nations in accordance with Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs). For example, we implemented procurement processes specific to aboriginal businesses for the 99 MW Greenwich Wind Project in Northern Ontario.

For these projects, we offer local hiring during the construction phase wherever possible. Our experience throughout Canada so far has been a success. By maintaining positive relationships within the local aboriginal communities, we’ve established an excellent reputation with them.


landowners & the
local community


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