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COP26 – Energy Transition Hub

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Energy Transition Hub, hosted by RES.

The scale of COP26 is unprecedented in the UK and so there will be heightened security and disruption to travel in and around the Scottish Event Campus in the run up to and for the duration of the event.

The following guidelines are designed to help you with any additional preparations for planning ahead to help ensure safe and smooth access to the Hub, for all attendees.

Office Location
Address: RES, Third Floor STV, Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1PQ

Access is through the main entrance on floor 1 of the building, up the steps from the car park. 

Preparation for Your Visit

As we share our building with STV, a national television broadcaster, there will be heightened security measures in place for both access and precautions around COVID-19 during COP26.  


Before Your Visit - Daily Lateral Flow Test

During COP26 we’ll be following the UN Code of Conduct in place for COVID-19 as well as complying with all relevant Scottish legislation. The COP26 COVID-19 measures apply to everyone using RES’ office space – this includes RES staff, visitors, suppliers and contractors. We need everyone to play their part, this includes not attending our office should you feel unwell.

For the safety of everyone using our space, we are implementing the requirement for a daily Lateral Flow Test and to show SMS proof before admittance to the RES/STV building.  Before you arrive please undertake a Lateral Flow Test and log your result on the UK Government website to generate an SMS proof of a self-administered Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test.

Whilst Attending Energy Transition Hub Events – COVID-19 Requirements

Face Masks

In Scotland face coverings, unless you are exempt, are mandatory in most indoor settings and this includes the RES office. When you arrive please put on your face covering before entering the building. Whilst you are in the building, face coverings are required under Scottish Law. The exceptions to this are:

  1. When you are seated and participating in a filmed segment for the Energy Transition Hub;
  2. When you are seated at a desk and are separated from others by a social distance of at least 1 metre or by a screen or partition – however, we would still encourage you to wear face coverings in this situation, if possible; or
  3. Whilst you are eating or drinking.

If you don’t have a face covering on arrival, do let us know as we will be happy to supply you with one to wear whilst you are with us.

Enhanced Hygiene

We’ll be implementing more frequent cleaning regimes during COP26 for your protection. At the entrance to our office and through the RES area you’ll find hand sanitising stations. On arrival please remember to sanitise your hands. At our reception desk we have antibacterial wipes available for use too.

Giving Each Other Space

As you move around the building please observe a 1m social distance from others. Be aware of your personal space and ensure you make others feel comfortable. Our toilets have the ability to be designated as single-use spaces. Feel free to use the ‘vacant/engaged’ sign for your comfort but do remember to reset it once you’ve finished.

Don't Risk It

At RES we live by our 'Don't Risk It' ethos and we have a stop work authority - this applies to everything we do, even in our offices. If you see something that concerns you - raise it, use your stop work authority and let's talk about it.


Event access and security

In order to clear event security, you must firstly have notified the event organisers of your attendance via email, with a minimum of 2 working days advance notification, to gain access to the event. You must also bring photographic ID with you (either passport, work ID badge or driving licence). On arrival, you will be asked to present this to the security team to gain access to the building. Once inside the STV Studios you will be escorted to the RES office on the third floor. 


Travel & Transport

Given the proximity of the STV Studios to the COP26 Blue and Green Zones there are a number of travel restrictions and diversions in place across roads, paths and cycle ways.   Please factor extra journey time into your travel plans as all modes of transport, including pedestrian routes, will be affected. We’d encourage you to check your travel plans against the most up to date information on www.getreadyglasgow.com

If travelling by car, please be advised that the road network in and around Glasgow city centre is expected to be very busy as a result of the road closures and diversions in place for COP26. If you are unfamiliar with the RES office location, you can download a .PDF here which highlights the office location and some of the anticipated transport disruption in and around Glasgow city centre.

Car Parking

Car parking facilities at the site will not generally be available, so we would encourage you to park offsite and take the remainder of your journey by public transport, taxi or on foot.

Car parking will also be affected by COP26 with the Hydro Multi Storey Car Park (within the exclusion zone being closed) and generally, car parking in the city centre will be at a premium. It may be better to plan to park near an outlying subway station and travel to Cessnock underground station from there.

Event Hosts and Panellists

Whilst, we cannot guarantee availability (as the bulk of the car parking spaces are allocated the building owner, STV studios), a limited number of spaces may be available, on a first come first served basis, for event hosts and panellists. Provided we have received advance notification of your name and car registration number, the event security team will do their best to accommodate with close proximity parking.

Pedestrian Journey Times from Transport Hubs

The following guidelines give the approx. ‘normal’ pedestrian journey times, so please be aware that diversions and closures are also in place for pedestrian routes and add extra time for your journey. You can download a .PDF here which highlights anticipated closures and diversions to core path and cycle routes, with the RES office location highlighted, for ease of reference.

From Exhibition Centre Station

The SEC has a dedicated railway station, called ‘Exhibition Centre’ which is reached via low level train from Glasgow Central Station. RES office is approx. a 10-minute walk from the Exhibition Centre station.

From Cessnock Subway Station

RES office is approx. a 15-minute walk from Cessnock Subway Station.

From Central Station

RES office is approx. a 30-minute walk from Glasgow Central Station.

Useful Resources for Planning Your Journey

We would encourage you to check your travel plans online to get the most up-to-date information and you may find the following websites useful resources for travel planning.

Glasgow Subway Maps and Stations

Transport Scotland

Get Ready Glasgow - COP26