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Asset Manager - Sydney

The Asset Manager will oversee a number of Renewable Energy assets in the RESA portfolio on behalf of RESA’s Clients, ensuring adherence to best practice for safety, compliance, quality and environmental performance, whilst maximising revenue and enhancing community and stakeholder engagement thorough the project lifecycle. Particular emphasis is placed on superior management of contractual obligations to and on behalf of RESA’s Clients. The Asset Manager will procure support for all activities related to the respective project from a dedicated team allocated to the project. Line management of team members where appropriate.

The Asset Manager will be the focal point for the project throughout the operational lifecycle. And will be completely responsible for the day to day management of the asset.

This role will promote and enhance the asset performance and shall be a highly visible role within RESA and in the wider community.

The Asset Manager will also be responsible for the management of project budgets and asset operating plans.

  • Where projects are under construction or new to the RESA Asset Management portfolio, manage all mobilisation and transitional tasks to ensure that the project is prepared and ready for Operations to the client’s satisfaction, according to the Asset Management Agreement.
  • Take full responsibility for delivery of the obligations of the respective Asset Management Agreement. Work closely with RESA Business Development Manager to maximise supplementary revenue opportunities through the provision of Additional Services to the Client, and where Additional Services have been agreed, manage the delivery of the specified service.
  •  Ensure that all operating assets adhere to statutory requirements for Health, Safety and Environmental performance and comply with project specific requirements in accordance with planning requirements; grid connection conditions; O&M agreement; warranties and guarantees; power purchase agreements; and all other project agreements and approvals.
  • Co-ordinate day-to-day performance of a number of operating assets by reacting to emergencies and co-ordinating scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. This may be via direct line management of staff, supervision of sub-contractors and/or overseeing the work of clients’ contractors ensuring all contracts are delivered as per the agreements.
  • Maintain and develop project specific management tools including; Performance Guarantees, Budgets, Operating Plans, Reporting, Fixed Asset Registers and other quality management tools as necessary. Maintain a complete, detailed, organised and accurate set of project records, forms, templates, procedures, guides and associated communications.
  • Manage the respective projects’ obligations under the National Electricity Rules, including dispatch management; reconciliation of market settlements; communication with AEMO Operational functions; GPS; and all other essential compliance obligations.  Utilise internal RESA resources, clients' contractors and RESA subcontractors where appropriate.
  • Work closely with other bodies eg Australian Energy Regulator, Clean Energy Regulator to maintain project regulatory compliance. Manage obligations in a structured, visible and auditable way utilising internal systems, team and subcontractors where appropriate.
  • Develop strong community relations in the project locality, including managing landholder(s) and community relationships and ensuring accurate and timely payments to stakeholders.
  • Manage and prepare the suite of internal and external project reports in an accurate and timely way.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with the finance team t ensure that all operational data is available for revenue management (PPA, NEM and LGC) and P&L purposes.
  • Manage and control regular team and contractor meetings, delegate effectively and manage action plans to close out essential work streams in a timely manner.


Knowledge & Skills:

  • Health and safety management systems
  • Quality and environmental management systems
  • Extensive contract management
  • National Electricity Market
  • Renewable Energy operations
  • Team work/leading
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Initiative
  • Tenacity
  • Planning and organising
  • Attention to detail

Experience & Qualifications:

  • Budget preparation and management
  • Interpretation of mechanical and electrical engineering drawings, work instructions and design reviews
  • Familiarity with computerised SCADA systems and maintenance management systems
  • Extensive contract management
  • Engineering/Science degree or equivalent experience

Posted: 11/04/2019

Location: Australia

Contract Type:Full-Time, Permanent

Type of Role: Asset Management