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Meet our people

Meet some of our people and their varied careers at RES

Brandon Shenfield

"I’ve always been interested in energy and the environment. My first job in the energy sector was working for a small energy finance firm where I even helped research a book on the subject.

It was this enthusiasm for renewable energy and sustainability that led me to join RES’ energy storage project development team. I’m proud to work for a company that looks after its people while striving to make a difference to how we create energy – and look after the planet.

In my team we work with a wide range of clients, finding ways to meet their renewable energy challenges in this ever-evolving market. I look forward to continuing to help them, and us, achieve our goals long into the future.

As an avid skier and climber, living in Colorado is perfect. I love getting out there to explore everything the state and the Rockies have to offer."


Energy Storage, USA

Jessica Coffey

"I’d recently sold my business in Dayton, WA and was looking for my next challenge when I heard RES was constructing the Marengo wind project nearby. There was a vacancy for a turbine inspector so I applied straight away, despite my lack of experience. Thankfully RES recognized my strong work ethic and gave me the opportunity. I’ve never looked back and soak up every bit of information I can.

One of the things I love about the company is the chance to take on more responsibility and cross train. I’ve worked in the civil, electrical and safety departments, been an environmental and QA/QC supervisor and project engineer and am now APM. I love the people I work with – they’ve become a second family. I know with any issue I face I can call on someone who’ll help me out. It’s this teamwork and strong connection with my co-workers that I really value.

I like to hike and ride my mountain bike. Most of the places we construct projects are out in rural areas, so in the last couple of years I’ve spent a lot of time in the Palo Dura Canyon, Cap Rock Canyon, and Lake Metigoshe State Park. I enjoy the different landscapes and spend as much time as I can exploring them."

Assistant Project Manager


Tyler Mori

"I was first attracted to RES by the company’s excellent local presence here in Broomfield, Colorado. Their involvement in the community included food drives and career fairs – one of which I attended. I was working for a concentrated solar power (CSP) company and wanted a change but staying in renewable energy.

At RES I learn something new every day. This is invaluable, as it keeps me at the forefront of renewable technology and what it can offer to communities around the world. I find the work extremely fulfilling.

I love music and enjoy volunteering with a local music initiative that hosts high school competitions. I also use my computer skills to host complex protein folding simulations that help cancer research at Stanford University in California. Something I find extremely rewarding."

Electrical Design Engineer


Patrick Cosman

"I pushed my CV into RES’ hands every chance I got for three years before I got a job with them. I’d heard great first-hand stories about working for them and really wanted to get my foot in the door. They have a great philosophy, and the work is really interesting and varied. I’d worked for various government and private entities before joining and, being an ecologist by training and biologist by profession, I was really hoping RES wasn't just another organization simply paying lip service to the environment. I wasn’t disappointed – RES combines interesting work I can really believe in, with great teammates. It feels good to fight the good fight.

I love camping, mountaineering, rock climbing – basically anything that gets me into the forest or up a mountain. This works out well with my work, as we’re often in places far from built-up areas when constructing met masts. I also spend lots of time at the family farm near Montreal. We raise beef and produce maple syrup. Protecting our agricultural heritage in the face of climate change makes the work RES does that much more personal to me."

Tower Coordinator/Installation