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Design A Greener Future Competition

Share your ideas for energy sources of the future!
Let your imagination run wild – You can draw us a picture, build us a model, submit a video.
Make your submission below for your chance to win.

As the ‘A Greener Future’ Competition is opened to children up to 16, we request that you confirm that you give permission for your child or student (as applicable) to participate to this competition. The Rules and the Terms & Conditions of the ‘A Greener Future’ Competition (together the “Competition Terms”) can be found here.

Please read the information contained in the Competition Terms and this Parental Consent Form carefully before you click ‘Submit’. 

If you are adding multiple entries please email directly to agreenerfuture@res-group.com

I certify that I am the parent/legal guardian/teacher of the below mentioned child:

(limit 50MB)

Parental Consent to Filming/Photographs/Voice Recordings - Agreement


If you have any issues or require support please email agreenerfuture@res-group.com