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Safe, economical, and reliable energy storage systems proudly deployed by RES.

The RESolve advantage

RESolve energy storage systems encompass the full life-cycle of energy storage solutions, from day-one modeling and in-house engineering, to construction and long-term management.

Our systems are customized to meet the demands of any customer and bolstered by RES’ industry-leading expertise in development, engineering, construction, operations, finance, and project ownership.

As a technology-agnostic solution provider, RES is uniquely positioned to design the appropriate and optimal solution. Additionally, our data science team is at the forefront of industry R&D, enabling RES to offer clients a better developed and better built system.

Benefits of RESolve include:

  • Proprietary energy management controls platform

  • Flexible ownership, asset management, and O&M offerings

  • Technology-agnostic solutions

  • Advanced modeling and analytics services

  • Comprehensive in-house engineering capabilities

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250 MW / 290 MWh 

Projects constructed

and under contract


>5,500 MW

of utility control room

SCADA integration


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Energy Storage 

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RESolve Energy Management System

To maximize the value proposition of our energy storage systems, we have developed a proprietary control system - the RESolve Energy Management System (EMS).

RES’ extensive experience with grid-connected generation feeds in to this system to provide an array of grid support and protection management capabilities to keep the system online safely for longer.

Safe, economical and reliable power assets proudly deployed by RES

RESolve Analytics

Our in-house team of advanced storage modeling experts can assist in designing the optimal storage solution for your needs. RESolve Analytics has performed a variety of technical and financial studies including but not limited to:

  • Power quality and renewable integration studies utilizing professional grade engineering software such as CYME and Simulink
  • Outage mitigation analysis
  • Financial analysis of energy storage servicing regulated and unregulated entities, IPPs, and all load dependent entities.

News and Events

On Monday, June 4, 2018, a ground-breaking ceremony paved the way for the start of construction works of a 10 MW battery storage project in the North German municipality Bordesholm. RES Deutschland GmbH is building the project for the utility VBB. T…

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Mit einem feierlichen Spatenstich wurde am Montag, den 4. Juni 2018 der Weg frei gemacht für den Baubeginn eines 10 MW-Batteriespeichers zur Erbringung von Regelleistung. Der Projektentwickler RES Deutschland GmbH (Renewable Energy Systems) realisier…

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New Energy Storage Facility Will Also Increase Reliability for Commuters and Families

February 15, 2018 9:30 A.M.

Ministry of Transportation

Ontario is partnering with Toronto Hydro to build an innovative energy storage system that will provide…

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