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About us

Redefining the way we think about energy

Key facts

One of the world's leading independent renewable energy companies, with the expertise to develop, engineer, construct, finance, and operate projects around the globe.

#1: In an era of transformational change, our mission is to redefine the way we think about energy. This is a vital transition to a world where everyone has access to affordable low carbon energy.

One mission

#2: We operate in both the centralized energy market and the evolving distributed energy market around the world.

Two markets

#3: From a project team within Sir Robert McAlpine researching early wind turbine technologies in 1982, our global portfolio now exceeds 10 Gigawatts.

Three decades

#4: Embedding our business, environment, reputation and social principles into our operations, products, and services is powering positive change.

Four sustainability principles

#5: Wind and solar for renewable power generation, and transmissionenergy storage, and demand side management as enablers to a low carbon future.

Five technologies

We're the ideal partner for commercial and industrial clients, project developers, asset owners, and communities.


Our values

We involved employees across the business to develop our five values - in effect, the way we believe we should conduct our business.

We are accountable to each other, our shareholders, and future generations. We understand the consequences of our actions and assume responsibility for them. Our beliefs, words and actions are as one.

Personal responsibility and accountability

We are proud of our professional expertise and value our commercial focus. We aspire to be the best at what we do. We provide an environment where everyone is able to develop and learn, and we value individual and collective contribution.

Professional and commercial excellence

Our business relies on the quality of the relationships we have with our employees, communities, and others. Our expertise is greatly enhanced when combined with partners locally, regionally, and internationally. Day to day, we treat them with trust, openness, and respect.

People and partnerships

We are curious and relentless about finding positive solutions to today’s energy problems. We are proud of our reputation as leaders in renewable energy. And we demonstrate that a low carbon future is possible, affordable and desirable.

Powering change

Driven by a sense of purpose, we trust and encourage each other to challenge, question, generate and implement new solutions and ideas.

Passion and commitment


We've included some of our key milestones in this timeline and look forward to adding many more in the years ahead.