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Nordisk Vindkraft

Mon 18 Jan 2016

Swedish wind power developer Nordisk Vindkraft and Mirova, a Natixis expert for responsible investment, announce that they have signed agreements for the sale, construction and operational management of the 27.6MW Våsberget wind farm in Sweden.

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Sun 06 Sep 2015

Nordisk Vindkraft and Stadtwerke München inaugurate one of Sweden’s biggest wind farms – the Sidensjö Wind Farm. Swedish wind power company Nordisk Vindkraft and Stadtwerke München of Munich, Germany, inaugurate 48 wind turbines at the Sidensjö Wind …

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Mon 15 Jun 2015
Nordisk Vindkraft Business Turn to Wind Power

Global Wind Day is celebrated on 15 June

15 June, worldwide. As the global climate crisis deepens, and political attention to climate increases in the run up to the Paris Climate summit in December, on Global Wind Day we celebrate the fact that more …

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Mon 23 Feb 2015

Swedish wind farm developer and forestry company sign cooperation agreement to develop wind power projects in middle Sweden. This is a considerable joint effort where Bergvik Skog provides the opportunity to investigate land holdings for development …

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Wed 17 Dec 2014

The Finnish forestry company Tornator and wind farm developer Nordisk Vindkraft announced today that they have formed a joint venture to develop a portfolio of highly promising wind power projects in Finland.

Pooling their resources, the joint ventur…

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Thu 23 Oct 2014

The Minister of Energy visited the Wind fair and stopped by at Nordisk Vindkrafts' stand. Concurrently, the European Council decided on the EU's energy and climate targets for 2030.

VIND2014, the yearly national wind energy fair, was held in Stockhol…

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Wed 12 Feb 2014

CEOs from leading European companies today called for a strong 2030 climate and energy framework with an ambitious renewable energy target, including binding national targets. 

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Wed 23 Oct 2013

Nordisk Vindkraft´s CEO Mr. Arne Lorenzen was featured on pages 12-13 in the latest issue of Nordisk Energi (Nordic Energy) sharing his view on the importance of long term political conditions and the prerequisites for long term renewable…

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Tue 30 Apr 2013

NV Nordisk Vindkraft AB and Stadtwerke München today announced that they have signed agreements for the sale, construction and operational management of a 144MW wind farm near Sidensjö, Västernorrland County, Sweden.

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Wed 04 Apr 2012

Nordisk Vindkraft announced today that it has acquired a portfolio of highly promising wind power projects from the Norwegian developer HybridTech. The portfolio comprises five projects located in the counties of Agder and Rogaland, in south-western…

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Fri 03 Feb 2012

Nordisk Vindkraft will be presenting experiences on the engineering challenges related to the design and construction of wind turbine foundations in sub-arctic conditions at the international wind energy conference Winterwind 2012, February 7-8 Skel…

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