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Distributed Energy Solutions

Providing controllable, competitive and predictable power that commercial clients desire and safe, reliable and responsible power local utilities need


We offer local energy solutions to provide controllable, competitive and predictable power located on customer sites. These energy solutions include solar, energy storage and micro-grid technologies, drawing on our 30 years of experience in the energy business. Our knowledge of the complex energy markets enables us to maximize value from our clients' energy use and assets.

Depending on the structure of the local energy market, our distributed energy solutions are offered to clients through partnership with local utilities or directly to commercial, industrial and public sector clients.

RES' distributed solutions optimize your energy to deliver exceptional benefits including:

  • Zero capital investment
  • Stable, low energy cost
  • Outage mitigation
  • Reliability
  • Peak shaving, demand charge reduction
  • Eliminate fuel cost volatility
  • Microgrid capability
  • Environmental attributes
  • Community engagement

How do you pay for this solution?

We offer the option of zero upfront capital investment through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and/or equipment leasing, or customer funded solutions.


Our thorough understanding of the development, construction and operation process enables us to anticipate challenges before they arise, and mitigate them before they become issues. Our robust in-house capabilities are the foundation of our sustainable energy solutions and serve our clients well. Our capabilities include:

  • Economic assessment, technical and commercial modelling 
  • Engineering & design - electrical & civil
  • Grid connection design and optimization
  • Permitting - planning, grid, environmental etc.
  • Financing
  • Procurement
  • Project construction and risk management
  • Health, safety, quality and environmental management (HSQE)
  • Commissioning
  • Operation, maintenance, and asset management
  • Grid balancing services, procurement and aggregation


Get in Touch

Please contact the RES Distributed team here.