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Our highly experienced team is responsible for almost 100 MW of renewable energy at different stages of development in the Japanese market

About us

RES is a long established family owned business with offices in Tsukiji, Tokyo. Our experienced team has all the in-house capabilities to provide integrated solutions to develop, engineer, finance, construct and operate utility, commercial and industrial scale renewable energy projects and services.

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Japan - about us


What we do

Our in-house expertise and skills, combined with over 30 years of experience in the energy industry, allow us to deliver high-quality services and projects for renewables: onshore and offshore wind and solar PV. Our in-depth knowledge of grid and regulatory requirements has allowed us to diversify into energy management technologies, energy storage and demand side management (DSM).

Our global project portfolio in wind, solar, transmission and energy storage exceeds 12GW. With engineeringtechnical and commercial expertise fundamental to our business, we consistently demonstrate our reputation for safely delivering projects on time and budget. Here in Japan we are proud to offer this outstanding expertise to the Japanese market.

Wakami project development

RES and JWD are working on the 20MW Wakami project

100 MW

in development


Landowners and communities

Wherever we work, we talk to local people about what our projects mean to them, and how they will bring tangible benefits to their communities. We do this through public meetings, information brochures, site visits, and direct contact with residents, charities and schools. And, where possible, we use local businesses and suppliers on our projects.

We also support community charity initiatives with funds from wind farm revenues.

Landowners who choose RES as a partner benefit from:

  • regular income
  • minimal disturbance to existing land activities
  • complete project management
  • greener energy
  • contributions towards reasonable legal fees
  • restoration of land at the end of a project’s lifecycle.

Our renewable energy projects fit the Japanese government’s new initiative ‘Local Creation’ through employment, as well as ‘Local Production for Local Consumption’.

Sustainability lies at
the core of our values

News and Events

RES has delivered the first phase of offshore O&M consultancy services to Hitachi to support their O&M strategy for a Japanese offshore wind farm project planned for completion in the early 2020s. RES, who have extensive experience in the Kor…

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