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Since 2013, RES has been developing wind energy projects and turnkey energy storage for landowners, municipalities, energy suppliers, and industrial clients

About us

Since 2013, RES has been developing wind energy projects and turnkey energy storage for landowners, municipalities, energy suppliers and industrial clients in Germany.

Using our wealth of experience, we find solutions to today’s energy problems and plan for those of tomorrow. We bring people together to ensure a future where using renewable energy across Germany is not only possible, but also affordable and to everyone’s benefit.

Germany - about us

What we do

We develop wind farms from start to finish, offering technical expertise at every project phase. We find suitable locations, measure wind, gain planning approval and support the tender process. We also deal with financing and planning, and take care of procurement, engineeringconstruction, commissioning and operation.

Our projects are designed to provide the best value for everyone concerned, keeping to budgets and schedules, and taking into account environmental considerations as well as the interests of neighbouring communities.

Our battery storage systems increase the reliability, quality, availability and affordability of clean electricity, avoiding the emissions of conventional power stations. We offer the full range of services on the energy storage market, supporting our clients throughout the supply chain with:

We also offer partnerships with wind energy planners, so smaller companies can meet the challenges of the tendering process coming into force in Germany in 2017.

Visit our partner's website www.wks-energy.de.

Energy storage overview

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Landowners and communities

Wherever we work, we talk to local people about what our projects mean to them, and how they will bring tangible benefits to their communities. We do this through public meetings, information brochures, site visits, and direct contact with residents, charities and schools. And, where possible, we use local businesses and suppliers on our projects.

We also support community charity initiatives with funds from wind farm revenues.

Landowners who choose RES as a partner benefit from:

  • regular income
  • minimal disturbance to existing land activities
  • complete project management
  • greener energy
  • contributions towards reasonable legal fees
  • restoration of land at the end of a project’s lifecycle

Landowners can lease out their property or act as co-investors and operators. We evaluate your property without any obligation, and look forward to answering your questions on leasing.

News and Events

Der Projektentwickler RES erwirbt mit seinem regionalen Tochterunternehmen Windkraft Schonach GmbH ein Projekt der wpd und entwickelt somit den potenziell größten Windpark im Südschwarzwald.

Mit dem Ankauf des teilentwickelten Windparks von wpd hat de…

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Steuerung und Überwachung für mehr Effizienz

Die Effizienz und Sicherheit eines Speichersystems hängt von vielen kleinen Verbindungen ab: Ein Großspeicher setzt sich häufig aus mehreren tausend Batteriezellen zusammen. Eine unzureichende Überwachung u…

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Der internationale Projektentwickler für Erneuerbare Energien RES (Renewable Energy Systems) hat mit Southern Power, der Tochtergesellschaft des US-amerikanischen Energieunternehmens Southern Company, eine Entwicklungskooperation abgeschlossen. Die b…

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