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RES has been in the Chilean market since 2010 leveraging our global development, construction, and operating experience

About us

RES as a global company has been providing development, engineering, construction, and operations services to the utility-scale wind, solar, transmission, energy storage, and demand side management markets across North and South America. RES has been active in the Chilean market since 2011.

RES has over 8,000 MW (megawatts) of utility-scale renewable energy and energy storage projects and constructed more than 1,000 miles of transmissions lines throughout the US, Canada, and Chile.

RES in Chile has more than 300 MW of projects under development, at different stages of maturity.

1,000 miles

of transmissions lines

300 MW

in development

What we do

Our in-house expertise and skills combined with over 15 years of experience in the energy industry allow us to deliver high-quality centralized energy solutions. We understand the unique requirements of our clients – by providing reliable, economical, and above all, safe projects. Our goal on every RES project is that everyone goes home safe – every day.

We specialize in third-party EPC and BOP construction services for the renewable energy, transmission, and energy storage industries, as well as third-party development services for renewable energy, transmission, and storage projects. We also build renewable energy and storage projects we have self-developed.

Our thorough understanding of the development and construction process enables us to anticipate challenges before they arise, and mitigate them before they become problems. RES self-performs project costing, engineering, procurement, management, and quality and environmental processes.

This gives RES direct control over the processes in the field, which helps to maintain our impressive safety record, and enables RES to further refine its long-standing ability to deliver high quality, low-cost solutions to our clients.

Landowners and communities

We understand, first and foremost, that we are guests on the land. Since we are a family-owned company, we respect property rights, land ownership, and privacy.

Wind and solar projects offer significant economic opportunities for communities. As an integrated constructor and developer, RES is uniquely well-positioned to meet the requirements and sensitivities of our projects’ host communities, whether they are ranchers, farmers, municipalities, governmental authorities, and others.

We involve the local community in all of our projects by hosting or participating in meetings and maintaining an open line of communication with a wide range of stakeholders. RES is committed to creating and maintaining lasting relationships with the communities in which we work.


landowners and the
local community

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