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RESolve Control Engineer - Kings Langley/Gateshead

RESolve is a industry leading control’s platform developed by RES to energy storage and hybrib renewable energy projects. The system has been deployed on over 18 projects globally. The RESolve Controls Engineer will implement and optimise control algorithms developed by others to maximise revenue from the various revenue streams available to energy storage systems, solar, wind and diesel power sources. The RESolve Controls Engineer will work as part of the RESolve team, to develop the RESolve energy management system to control a variety of energy storage and renewable power plants in order to optimise safety, revenues and reliability. As energy supply becomes more decentralised and renewable energy makes up a greater percentage of the energy mix, applications where multiple technologies are deployed on the same site will become increasingly common. The RESolve Controls Engineer will be part of the Group Engineering function, with a direct reporting line to the RESolve Development Manager.

Key Accountabilities

  1. Support the RESolve Development Manager in the implementation of the RESolve energy management system for energy storage. This will include the following activities:

    1. Develop RESolve hardware, graphical user interface and PLC code to provide high level control to the following systems, either individually or in any combination of the following:

      1. Energy storage systems

      2. Solar farms

      3. Wind farms

      4. Hybrid Power Plants

    2. Develop RESolve hardware, graphical user interface and PLC code for islanded / microgrid systems consisting of any of the above items of plant.

    3. Develop communication protocols and methodology between the above items of plant and grid operators to allow grid operator remote dispatch of these power plants.

    4. Provide support and develop project SCADA hardware and PLC code as required for energy storage projects on a global basis.

  2. Willingness to travel to support real world deployments globally, and to RES Americas headquarters in Denver on at least a quarterly basis.

  3. Provide support to projects outside energy management as required by the business


Knowledge of PLC programming languages and strategies

Knowledge of optimising PLC code for speed of response
Knowledge of Power Industry communication protocols (Modbus, DNP3, IEC61850)
Knowledge of on site and remote data capture systems and strategies


Design, Implementation and testing of remote communication systems
PLC Programming


Programming of PLCs. Allen Bradley is a requirement, others (Siemens, GE Fanuc, Mitsubishi) etc is an advantage)

Design and selection of control system hardware

On site implementation and testing of SCADA systems

Experience of working within the Power Generation Industry would be beneficial


Degree in Electrical or Control Systems Engineering or equivalent qualifications with additional experience


Posted: 17/07/2018

Location: UK & Ireland

Contract Type:Full-Time, Permanent

Type of Role: Engineering