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Global Solar Leader

This is a highly visible role in the Group and while the role has no direct reports the ability to coordinate and ensure best practice and the right supply chain relationships to deliver competitive LCOE are fundamental to the ability to deliver a step change in RES’s solar strategy. An inclusive approach must be adopted to secure the inputs to deliver a risk optimised strategy.

The solar market continues to mature in volatile ways towards a competitive market with unpredictable CAPEX reduction curves.  In order to be successful in this global market we need class leading market intelligence and the right supply chain relationships to ensure that we take the optimal approach in project development and construction with confidence as to our capex & opex forecasting.


This role is responsible for:


preparing a clear & compelling vision of RES’s strategy for the solar supply chain;

delivering the approved strategy and the required relationships with the supply chain including coordination with Regional/Country Managers/ALMs;

ensuring the coordination of best practices across the Group across development, construction & operation to define the best from the supply chain and ensure that RES learns the necessary lessons from the supply chain to deliver competitive LCOE;

ensuring the capture of supply chain market intelligence and sharing such intelligence across the Group;co-ordinating effectively with the Regional/Country Managers/ALMs and Regional/Market functional departments to deliver the optimal supply chain strategy, market intelligence and supply chain relationships.

Key accountabilities:

•             Develop a comprehensive understanding of the solar markets where RES operates by coordination with the ALMs to inform the supply chain strategy. 

•             Develop and lead a forum to ensure the production of market intelligence on the solar sector to identify initiatives and assess delivery strategies of competitors. 

•             Develop, propose and implement a procurement strategy for solar supply chain.  Key Account Management principles, to be considered, to grow RES efficiency globally and achieve the optimal CAPEX reduction and CAPEX prediction.  This will require extensive stakeholder engagement with interact on a cross-functional basis with development, technical, engineering, procurement, financial, O&M and strategy teams, at Group or Market level.

•             Define and deliver a process for capturing & updating market intelligence across the solar supply chain. 

•             In alignment with the agreed strategy and ALMs identify and manage key supplier relationships to deliver optimal performance in cost, service & quality. 

•             Across the Group, communicate and drive global alignment and best practice-sharing to optimise project LCOE, with particular reference to efficiency improvements and Capex reduction prediction. 

•             Analyse the solar supply chain value chain, from development to operation to repowering by segment value analysis and RES positioning strategy. 

•             Preparation of Senior Management reports on the above. 

•             Representing the Group at major international events. 

•             Interact with third parties for the purposes of data gathering, developing ways to collaborate, and leading or supporting negotiations.

Knowledge and Skills

Substantial understanding of the global solar supply chain ideally acquired within several countries

Successful experience in one or several solar functions: development, technical, engineering, or commercial. 

Proven track record of negotiating high value capital contracts and demonstrable record of developing commercial strategies.

High interpersonal/communication aptitude. 

A real team player 

Proven ability to work strategically 

High capacity for change and experience of leading and motivating others through change. 

Broad range of strategic, commercial and technical skills including an understanding of energy value chain economics, financial evaluation processes, business case preparation and interpreting complex analytical data.

 Project management skills and experience.


Substantial experience in the solar industry & energy markets

Demonstrable experience of technical, development and/or commercial activities in the solar sectorDemonstrable track record of developing productive relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders.


Postgraduate engineering or commercial degree or related professional qualification



Posted: 22/05/2017

Location: UK & Ireland

Contract Type:Full-Time, Permanent

Type of Role: Development, Engineering, Generation, Operations, Solar, Strategy