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Electrical Power System Analyst - Gateshead/All other UK Locations

The role will be to support the business in performing complex electrical design power system analysis to maximise the value of projects and manage technical risk. Organisational Context (to include impact and influence) Group Engineering provides specialist engineering support to all RES Regional Business across all phase of low carbon projects. In a changing Global market RES needs to achieve cost parity with conventional generation, the department has a lead role to ensure effective knowledge sharing across the RES Group and to reduce cost through innovative engineering solutions that achieve a balance between risk and cost. The department has a key role in supporting RES to diversify from existing markets and technology. The role of the Electrical Engineering team is to provide specialist support and technical leadership through direct project support, design reviews, earthing/grounding design, electrical analysis, R&D and support to New Markets and New Technologies.

Key Accountabilities

Developing and implementing static, dynamic and transient models for electrical power systems (distribution & transmission), generation projects, wind turbines, solar PV, voltage source inverters, energy storage and hybrid generation systems.

Developing control algorithms, control system models and solutions to complex network characteristics and performance requirements through analysis

Preparation and review of study scopes, methodologies and reports based on requirements of internal or external clients

Performing electrical design studies including load flow, short circuit, voltage profile, voltage regulation, electrical system losses and insulation coordination

Performing compliance studies including harmonic analysis, transient analysis, voltage control and fault ride through

Production of high quality reports and presentations documenting study findings, results and recommendations

Interpretation of simulation data and results to provide robust technical recommendations on technical performance requirements

Provide training and mentioning on electrical studies to other members of the RES Regional Business

Develop and maintain systems and process to be use within the UK business and other parts of the RES group

In depth knowledge of electrical power system modelling and analysis.
In depth knowledge of transmission and distribution system plant and its application, including the planning criteria, specifications and design requirements
Understanding of generation, control systems, control algorithms and power electronics
International standards (BS, IEC, IEEE, ANSI, AS/NZ) on electrical systems and renewable energy-based plant and power quality
International Grid Connection Compliance requirements (UK, US and Australia)

Electrical studies using Digsilent, PSS/E, Cymcap, MATLAB/Simulink, PSCAD, IPSA
Attention to detail and ability to interpret complex technical documentation
Ability to define requirements with the customer and deliver to scope, budget and programme
Awareness of the commercial impact of electrical analysis on project value and risk
Ability to manage multiple concurrent tasks from multiple projects and clients
Ability to communicate, collaborate and interact with internal and external clients


Experience of;

Power system modelling of distribution, transmission and generation projects including onshore and offshore wind farms, solar PV and energy storage
Developing control system algorithms & models


PhD or Degree in Electrical Engineering, Power System Engineering or equivalent qualification

Posted: 09/08/2018

Location: UK & Ireland

Contract Type:Permanent

Type of Role: Engineering, Project Delivery, Solar, Storage

Reference Number: EPA