RES - Renewable energy company - Development of Wind Farms, Solar, Marine & Biomass Projects


At RES, one of the world's leading renewable energy companies we'll give you experience at the cutting edge of the industry and the chance to make a name for yourself too.  You'll get to see projects through from conception to completion.  And most important of all, you'll influence the way that people think about energy all over the world

Please meet some of the people who have joined us already. Hopefully, before too long, you'll be thinking about joining us too.

Jamie Scurlock (Turbine Engineer)

After graduating from Imperial College with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering I worked for Airbus designing and testing the A380 landing gear systems in the UK and France. After completing a successful flight test campaign I looked for a new and exciting challenge in the world of engineering. In the current climate one of the largest global issues is sustainable, affordable energy and RES is tackling this problem head-on. I was immediately involved in the construction of a wind farm in a remote part of Sweden, not far from the arctic circle in temperatures of -30ºC! These conditions prove a challenge for survival (and driving) let alone for construction and operation of a wind farm. However RES has built on the success of this first project in Lapland and secured two further projects totalling over 100MW to be constructed in Sweden in 2008/9. My role is now focussed on the development of turbine technology to ensure maximum safety and production throughout project lifetime. This involves regular contact with the turbine suppliers to solve technical issues

Sarah Royse (Associate Director, RES Advisory)

I have always been inspired by the application of science and engineering to real-life situations. After having graduated with a degree in physics and mathematics, I spent five years working as a building services and environmental engineer. This taught me a great deal about the environmental design of buildings; how to exploit passive design techniques and to integrate low and zero carbon technologies to the benefit of occupants, and the environment. Since joining RES I have been able to apply my experience and develop new skills in growing our consulting business, RES Advisory. My current focus is in advising corporate clients on developing and delivering renewable energy strategies globally. This has taken me to a range of countries with exciting energy challenges. Since joining RES I have received two awards for personal professional achievement that I believe have been enabled by the opportunities presented by RES. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be involved in the energy sector, and RES is a great company to work for with inspiring people to work with.

Karen-Anne Duguid (Senior Wind Analyst)

After a summer placement at RES, I completed an MEng before returning as a permanent employee in 2001. I’ve been involved in wind analysis throughout and now help manage the Glasgow team, who carry out wind resource assessments in the UK, Ireland, France, Sweden, Norway, Australia and New Zealand; my job’s taken me all over the world. I get a real attachment to the projects I’m involved in and nothing beats seeing pictures of 'your' wind farm being constructed. My civil engineering background may not be a typical route to a job in wind analysis but that first summer with RES left a lasting impression on me and my environmental principles. I returned to the company after graduating because I wanted to work within an intellectually stimulating environment, where coming to the office everyday means working towards a sustainable future. I haven’t been disappointed.

Ted Picken (Construction Director)

I joined the company as a site engineer and soon became a site manager. As a civil engineer there are many opportunities to be involved in projects that have a positive impact on people’s lives. A belief in the end product has been important for me personally in terms of job motivation and satisfaction. Being part of a growing company and working closely with the development, engineering and generation parts of the business has helped me understand the full picture of issues involved in developing, building and owning wind.